I admit that I first googled my subject about serial killers

I admit that I first googled my subject about serial killers, I had thought there was approximately about 80 serial killers or a greater amount in the United States however there are in fact alone 25 to 50 serial killers in the united states. Serial murder has an influence to receive a lot of attention on social media due to it seems to fascinate and because of that, that is through how killers get in the spotlight. An example of a popular killer is Ted Bundy. An American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, who assaulted and killed 30 or more young women and girls during 1970 but it is believed he could have killed earlier. Serial Killers are special and extremely dangerous murders. Most cases they do not have no motive for committing the crime because they to not personally know their victims.
A question that is frequently asked by people is “are serial killers born or made?”. People believe that the nature verses nurture theory is the concept. Serial killers are created from bad experience that they have had in their childhood. For instance, being physical or mentally abused by parents or molested at an early age those are common triggers. The nature theory is considered the genetic code of a person. Its mainly about the biological connections and DNA , basically its the characteristics that we are all born with. However, the nurture theory is that the environment has in influence on your behavior. For example, those experience that we face can change us throughout our lives and how we were raised.
Each serial killer is different in their own ways as in the way they kill, if they prefer adults or kids, and what type of weapon they prefer. Their in fact is different categories that describe killers. In other words a medical killer is in they are usually highly intelligent and know how to carefully and cleverly conceal their murders. It is typically in a hospital setting and people pass away and technically pass in hospital and is assumed as a natural death. A disorganized killer is the one mainly everyone knows and its when they have a low IQ and are extremely antisocial. They do not try to cover up their tracks and strike at random with no plan.


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