“I Got a Boy” Evaluation Essay

One of the most important things when it comes to music videos is the overall look f them. If the video has boring scenes or visuals, no one will want to carry on watching the rest of it and people will Just go listen to the audio itself. “l Got a BOY’ by Girls’ Generation has quite a few different scenes, backgrounds, and colorful lights going on to keep the attention of anyone who’s watching.

Not only that, but the way the girls are dressed is very eye-catching too. Each one has her own type of look and they all carry It out flawlessly.Their fashion Is one of a kind, and that helps boost the attention-grabbing visuals In this entertaining video.

Another thing that this music video Is known for Is their choreography. This Is one of the more Interesting choreographers that the girls have ever done to any of their songs and It definitely keeps viewers watching to see what move they will Intertwine into the dance next. The way they execute the dance as a whole is nice; everything seems to be clean and right on point. All of the girls are in sync and that is hard to master when you have a large group of nine girls.Usually when watching music videos nowadays, it is hard to come across a group that performs and has a great choreography along with the song. The choreography isn’t boring and it changes according to the sound of the music. In relation to the choreography changing with the song, the deferent yet catchy music is something that Isn’t done too often In the music world.

Instead of keeping the tempo the same throughout the song or having the same beats playing over and over, the song Itself changes and keeps you listening. As Jeff Benjamin of billboard. M said, “l Got A BOY’ Is not one sound polished and packaged for popular consumption (like past singles), but five completely different sounds stuffed for widespread music consumption. The track is created from: minimal drum and bass, funky and clunky electronic production, hyper hipster deputes, dramatic vocal showcase sections, and what sounds like a xylophone. Sounds messy? Somehow it isn’t with the sounds constantly playing off and evolving with each other, …

” The instrumental of the song isn’t the only thing that is catchy.The girls combined inning and rapping throughout the song to keep it interesting for listeners and pairing it well with the ever-changing music; it makes “l Got a Boy” a fun and unique song to listen to. The only two downsides are the language and how the beginning of the video starts out. Yes, Girls’ Generation Is a Korean girl group that sings In Korean since It’s their default language. The girls have made English versions of songs before, but because this is one of their most famous singles, many people don’t understand why know what they’re singing about, there are translations that one could look up online.However, it would be nice to sometimes listen to the song and understand what they’re saying without having to look at translated words. Oftentimes, people may want to sing along but unless they speak Korean, it will be harder to do so.

The other downside is how the music video begins. Usually if someone watches a music video and the beginning is dragged out, the person will skip this little intro or Just exit and listen to the audio itself. Some of the girls’ music videos have introductions before the song actually starts. L Got a Boy,” though, has a story to it.

They could keep the beginning since it introduces the particular boy they are singing about, but they also could have omitted the beginning and Just began with the song and told the story throughout the rest of the video like other artists do sometimes. A known user named attracted at snookered. Com stated, “It hit me as soon as I read the lyrics that there is a story inside this song, and it’s told from multiple girls’ perspectives, and the dancing actually adds to the story as well, it has story context choreography. If the arils and the producers of the video were already telling the story through lyrics and some choreography, there isn’t much of a reason to keep the beginning and drag the video out. Overall, “l Got a Boy” by Girls’ Generation is a great music video to watch if you are craving something new and refreshing. The way the video is done makes most, if not all, people keep watching throughout and the girls’ vocal and choreography performance is equally attention-grabbing.

The girls entertain with their hit single and music video, and not only did they get attention from the boys, but girls as well.


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