Ice Cream Essay

Pane is a cosmopolitan city which consists of urban population of 50 lakes and the rural population of 20 lakes. It is a prime industrial city where a major chunk of the population are mostly employed in esteemed IT and automobile companies and they are having big disposable income as their remunerations are high. This has led to a higher standard of living and healthy, enjoying eating habit. Ice cream has always been the centerpiece of any dining menu. Today ice creams are equally popular among children , grown-ups and aged people.

Eating ice creams have become an occasion for celebration.This report deals with finding out the market size of ice cream industry in pane, market share of major ice cream player in pane and its marketing strategies. There are very few studies which are done on the Ice-cream Market of pane in particular that really analyze the trends in the market and challenges faced by the players in the highly competitive environment. Therefore, initially we relied on the literature review which tells us that the pricing strategies, distinct packaging and flavors are the various elements that plays an important role in building a brand equity and developing competitive advantage over the rivals.Thus , we relied on Descriptive research design taking Indian ice cream market as a parameter to analyze and achieve the objectives of our project. We have used various secondary data collection methods to gather data and then analyzed it to reach at a meaningful conclusion. We founded that western region contributes to 45% of Errs billion Indian ice cream industry of which pun’s contribution is 3.

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25%. We have reached to the conclusion that Maul has the best marketing strategies that has created an impact brand equity in the heart and mind of pun’s ice cream consumers.This has been possible by maintaining an effective and efficient supply chain management and, cold storage facility, better eye catchy and visual ads, promotional offers for the dealers and finally coming up with innovative and quality oriented products be it in flavor or product mix. All in all they serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for money.


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