Identify the challenges experienced by established teams As a unit manager

Identify the challenges experienced by established teams

As a unit manager, it involves give confidence to the team members and the communication means open. It also expects an excellent understanding of the individuals who make up my team and the roles they play. Every member in the team needs be working to keep company running smoothly. Teamwork is not about getting people together and dictating to them my command but rather about developing a commitment to the goals by establishing trust and cohesion. Effective teamwork requires that all team members correspond well to each other and as a unit manager I need to be familiar with the resemblance as well as the differences in the individuals who make up my team. The main challenge is to respect those differences in personality and to work with these to be certain that the team does not have any conflicts

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An example of conflict and talent differences at St Mary’s Convent and nursing home, some staff performs and contributes more to a team than others. For instance senior staff has good knowledge, confident and competent to carry out tasks to completion. Whereas junior staff could be slower, lack confidence and less efficient. This causes frustration and affects the ability to provide quality of care and reach their goal. The senior staff reported to me. I communicate with the team that everyone needs to work together and support each other to understand their roles and responsibilities.


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