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Restauro, Mark Daniel

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The study aims to identify the most used regimen among girls at this generation in treating their pimples. The study involved 100 girls from different schools in Bacoor, Cavite. The study determined the best regimen among skin that is sensitive and acne prone. The products that the girls most used were ranked and helped the study to reach its goal. These may conclude that not all regimens are equally the same and the products used won’t work for everyone’s skin. Knowing the right regimen for every girl’s skin would help them avoid and heal pimples.

Background of the study

Pimples are known as zits or spots that the inflammation of the skin occurs. It is a small pustule that develops when sebum is clogged on the pores that causes it to become swollen (Nordqvist, 2017). It often occurs on teenagers due to puberty and hormonal changes. Teens will most likely find a way to solve this problem because it’s one of the hindrances to develop their self-esteem (Capili, S. et. Al., 2010). According to (Carusillo, 2016), pimples are basically genetic in nature. Over-production of androgens, which are produced by from the adrenal glands and the ovaries, will result to production of sebums that can merely cause pimples. Excessive sebum makes the hair follicles to become sticky instead of shedding, creating a group of dead skin cells that blocks the hair follicles and basically trapping propionibacterium acnes in there, where bacterial population results in a pimple.

There are several types of pimples that can appear on the skin. According to (Cherney, 2017), pimples can be distinguished as inflammatory and non-inflammatory. As for inflammatory, sebum and bacteria are the main causes of this kind. It can be hard to heal because of the painful sensation. Products that have benzoyl-peroxide or topical retinoid can be a great antibiotic for this severe kind of pimple. Under the inflammatory pimples, there are still four kinds of variation. Papules will show when the the inflammation of the pimples break down. The areas where Papules occur are usually pink in color and rough in texture. Another variation is called Pustules. These are red bumps with white or yellow heads above. The deeper type of inflammation is called Nodules. This is the larger and severe version of Pustules and this usually grows underneath the skin so prescription medication for the dermatologist can help remove this. Products that have Vitamin A will help clear this inflammation. And the last type would be the cystic pimple. This is the most severe type of inflammatory pimples and it is usually located deeper than the nodules. This results because of infection and will have to go under a big process of medication before healing.

Pimples are one of the main causes why teenagers’ self-esteem doesn’t build up as they grow, most especially girls. Girls are proven to be more self-conscious than boys because of the constant image that the world is building. During teenage years, having insecurities and self-doubts are normal in over to become a great adult once it is overcome. Under those circumstances, sometimes a small situation can lead to anxieties and depression which is a factor for self-destructive mechanism (Flaxington, 2015). It only shows that having a low self-esteem because of pimples can lead to major problems that will affect the person’s life.

If your skin is oily and sensitive, pimples can naturally occur. There will be pimple all over again on the skin because of its excessive oiliness and sensitivity. In order to tame and heal the pimples, teenagers should find the right regimen for their skin types. Regimen is basically a skin care routine, in order to break down pimples and help the skin to be clean (Palmer, 2017). There are so many products that can be included in one’s skincare routine but not all of them are effective. It is important to take time in choosing the products to be used in the face because it can be the most sensitive part of the body, especially if there are a lot of pimples there already. Creating the best regimen for your skin type can be a lot confusing. Not all the products that the internet endorses will work and sometimes there can be conflicting informations about it.

The usual steps for cleaning the skin would be cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Trial and error is essential in finding the right products that you will include on your regimen. Because pimple is a natural skin disease, there so many products that people can choose from. There are drugstore products which can be cheap and easily to find. For teenagers, drugstore products will be more convenient to find and will not cost them too much since they don’t have a work yet (Lukas, 2016). Products from brands like Neutrogena, Clean ; Clear, Cetaphil, Celeteque, Human Nature and Belo are popular in the Philippines for treating pimples (Baladad, 2016). Philippines is a tropical country which most likely to have a hot weather. Hot weather can trigger the oil within the skin’s surface to appear and when excessive oil production occurs, pimples will also appear. The right products that will fit your regimen is one way to treat pimples.

Past researches included some of the best pimple treatments that they claimed to be effective. According to (Rathi, 2011), there are three kinds of therapy for different types of pimples. First is the Topical therapy, which is for pimples that are not severe and mild only. Benzoyl Peroxide, Topical Retinoid, and Topical Antibiotics are the best solution for this one. But using Benzoyl Peroxide on skin is a big mistake. It can be effective on diminishing pimples but it damages the skin that leads to the extinction of oxygen and good bacteria on it (Wolfstein, 2014). The second therapy is the systematic therapy. Using oral contraceptives, spironolactone, cyproterone acetate and flutamide to kill the bacteria that causes pimples (Rathi, 2011). Researchers claimed that not all bacteria in the skin are bad. There are some good bacterias that protect the skin that keeps it healthy (Telis, 2013). Using products that have ingredients that kills bacteria can also destroy the good bacteria which are keeping the skin healthy. The last step of treating pimples according to (Rathi, 2011) is the Physical Treatment. This is the removal of pimples through extraction. Extracting pimples with medication is the treatment for deep and severe pimples. Not all kinds of pimple should undergo extraction because the skin barrier can be damaged if that happens. Extractions only happen when there is pus on the pimples (Goins, 2017).

According to (Nopuente, 2017), ponds facial foam cleanser ranked fourth as one of the best cleansers in the Philippines. It helps dry the pimples out. There are so many Filipinos swooning over this cleanser and continually uses it. Some loved the product but some despised it. It only proves that what works for one, doesn’t basically work for the others. Cleansers are just the first step in completing the regimen but it could be the most important part. Filipinos find cleansers that can dry-out the pimples because of the hot weather and most likely to avoid greasy ones.

This research aims to acknowledge the regimens that girls age 16-18 uses in order to treat their pimples. Despite of the numerous researches that aim to treat pimples, it is still unclear what kind of regimen should girl teenagers use because of the false claims. The researchers current study will help determine the best products for each step of the regimen to help treat pimples here in the Philippines. Previous studies focused on foreign countries only with cold to moderate weather. This present research will focus on products that are available in the nearest drugstore or in the nearest stores because the participants are teenagers. There will be less hassle if the products included in the research are easy to find.

Therefore, the questions for the respondents will be mainly focused on the products that they used instead of the ingredients inside it. To create the right regimen, the best products should be included. Not unlike the previous studies, the researchers will find the suitable skin care routine for girl teenagers living in a country with hot or tropical weather, just like the Philippines.
Hence, the factors that would help the teenagers to choose the best products to create the right regimen are the price and the availability. The researchers’ objective is to help the respondents make the right regimen in order for them to prevent and heal their pimples. Pimples can be crucial. Conducting the research around Bacoor, Cavite wouldn’t necessarily mean that the study will just be beneficial around that area. The researchers’ extent will just be in that area. The results will somehow sum up the demand of the Filipino girls ages 16-28 on their most used products that are included in their regimen.

Significance of the Study
The study would be a big help to Filipinos, specifically teenagers, who suffer from pimple break-outs. The researchers will summarize all the products that the respondents use to treat and fight pimples. In that way, they will know the perfect products to be included in their regimen. This research will also be helpful to prevent pimples from breaking-out of the skin because the researchers will also cite the products to avoid. Treating pimples is a long process because it is a natural skin disease, but as long you have the perfect products to use; it will be less hard to live with it.

Scope and Limitation
The study will be conducted in four different schools in Bacoor, Cavite area only. The researchers will limit the study on the products used by the respondents to fight their pimple break-outs because it is the main objective of this study. The researchers will find out the best products to use for people who have pimples and will help them prevent it using the information to be gathered.

Statement of the Problem
General Problem
This study sought to find out the respondent’s most used products to fight and prevent their pimples.
Specific Problems
RQ1 What are the most common products that Filipinos use in their faces to heal and prevent pimples?
RQ2 What is the significance of using these products to heal their pimples in their life?
RQ3 Will the products used by the respondents work with other people?


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