Identity Essay

4. Critically discuss identity, culture shock, and alienation, using Frances Henry’s “After Immigration: Identity and Culture Shock,” Clifton Joseph’s “Recollections – a Seventees Black RAP” and Althea Prince’s “Racism Revisited… ” Lack of Identity Caused by School System * People calling them names and making fun of their accents. To Black people they didn’t think anything was wrong with their accent when they were in Caribeen but now they were being ridiculed for it. It can affect their self esteem . Streaming – where they are put in lower grades affects their identity. Black students know they are capable of more especially when they have already learned the things years before, but now they were forced in lower grades because of their colour. You begin to question your ability. * Lack of identiy creates a lack of motivation for the students. Which causes them to not be focused in school, causes them to skip, which eventually causes them to get in trouble and follow down the wrong path.

Following the negative stigma of black people. * WISA group was an excellent way for them to create a unified identity – helped them share experiences and helped each other cope with the problems theyw ere facing. Shows the importance of cultural groups in instituation as a way for individuals to relate to people with similar problems and a means to help motivate one another so that you can find your identiy. WISA had cultural meetings where they learned about their culture – another great way to learn about your identity – to not forget your roots * RAP – same idea – collective group of students – helped build confidence and motivate one another Culture Shock in Schools * Parents didn’t want to talk to profs because in Caribbeans teachers were the boss and you never questioned the teacher. But Canada was different. * It was evident this was a hard hurdle for them to overcome but something that was important.

Teachers and parents need to communicate with each other so as to come to a better understanding of each other but if theres that barrier there nothing gets resolved. Alienation in Schools * Initially there was alienation amongst the different groups of caribben students coming from different locations in caribeean/different islands. They didn’t see themselves as a collctive group even though they were all facing the same problems. * But they created the WISA student while helped relieve the alienation amongst them but it probably didn’t help them with the alienation with the rest of the society. They were learning about their own cultures but the rest of the school had very little knowledge of their culture. So yes the WISA was good to create a unified community but its equally important to share that knowledge with the rest of the school so as to help them to understand their culture and ways so as to help them eliminate the alienation they were feeling. * If white teachers and students didn’t like it … they were obviously not doin a good job in educating other communities .


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