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Are You Better Than Him? What criteria must one have to be considered the greatest or better than someone? In relevance to the NAB, should we consider someone better if their statistics are better, base it on their championship pedigree, or should the influence they have on the league determine that. Each of those categories show prime examples of what a great player in the NAB is but only you can decide which one is more important to you.

There are thousands of players in the NAB as well of even more thousands that used to play but two players come to mind over again when the rods “Greatest of All time in the NAB” are brought up in any conversation. One of them was once known as the best of his time, and the other is known as the best in this era. Neither of them has played against each other in their prime but they share many comparisons on and off the court. Although Lebanon James and Michael Jordan share many similarities as NAB players, they also have many differences that make one better than the other.

Anywhere you go to work you are based on what you bring to the table. You’re graded on what kind of numbers you put up and numbers don’t lie. Some Job yeasts productivity is based off of how many transactions you processed, how many claims were completed or how rapidly you can wrap burger.

However; the NAB is based off points, rebounds, assist, shooting percentage, blocks and steals. These are all some kind of statistic that is used to measure the productivity of an NAB player. These stats determine how well one player is doing for a season or even Just one game.This is a category in which Michael Jordan and Lebanon James always have been favored in.

They filled-up the stats sheets whenever they are or were on the court. The averages are there and no one has a real edge in the box score. Michael Jordan has a higher career average (30. 1 peg) then Lebanon James (27. 7 peg) however Lebanon others career numbers are far superior.

Michaels total stats lines are as followed: 30. 1 points per game, 49 percent shooting, 32 percent 3 point shooting, 6. 20 rebounds per game, 5.

3 assist per game and . 83 blocks per game.Lebanon number: 27. 7 points per game, 48 percent shooting, 33 percent 3 point shooting, 8. 0 rebounds per game, and 7.

4 assist per game, . 95 blocks per game. The numbers are very similar in some categories like shooting percent and 3 points shooting percent.

However if you look at the stats lines alone without knowing whose number are whose which of the two would you choose to lead your team? “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. ” This is a famous quote from Michael Jordan after he won his 3rd championship with the Chicago Bulls.Is he stating that he can’t win without his team or that it’s his brilliance that helped them win? Is this statement selfish or is he congratulating his team? The fact is no one can win on their own and to be considered a great player you must be a world champion.

In the words of Karee Abdul Jabber “One man can be a crucial utter or even if you’re the best player in the league it doesn’t guarantee you will win a title. You still need to be surrounded by a great supporting cast to help reach the goal of winning a championship. As of right now Michael Jordan has 6 world championship titles in 6 appearances vs..Lebanon O world titles in 2 appearances. Lebanon is still an active player right now so he still has his opportunity to win some. The championship pedigree favors Michael Jordan by far at this moment while Lebanon is still searching for the title he needs to be considered in the same category of Michael Jordan.

This shouldn’t be the only credential that we Judge which player is better than the other. The overall game of the player and the impact they have on a team is a statistic that isn’t graded or that cannot be included in a stats book.The rubric for greatness always has been pre-determined by how many championships someone has won, but all rubrics are not perfect. When you are out at the store and you buy a pair of Jordan shoes or Lebanon for yourself did you know that you are giving money to the NAB as well. They have influenced their brand on the National Basketball Association as well as the retail industry; they both have their own shoe line as well as clothing and other merchandise that impacts the business side of the NAB too.

The effect of their games has helped change the future of the NAB and this is something that both of them cannot be Judged on. It Just happened in two different eras, but the outcome was the same. Whether it’s Michael Jordan in the ass and ass doing commercials and having children all over the world following the same dream Michael had or Lebanon James in the present going to different countries to bring the idea that anyone with hard work can make it to the NAB. Either way they did it the effect that they caused has help grow the NAB into one of the most popular sports in the world.Each of them has their role in increasing the Nab’s value by hosting games in other parts of the world which has helped influence those children to be like them. At the end of the day the influence that Lebanon James and Michael Jordan have given to the NAB, not only in America but also the whole world, is something that we cannot Judge but only as a light of hope for all of us.

Depending on what kind of fan you are, the answer to the question who is the best player to ever play in the NAB has already been determined.It could be Lebanon James with his unbelievable numbers or Michael Jordan with his tenacity and will to win Titles. They played in different times and never measured up against each other so how do you see who’s the greatest? It could be statistics, championship pedigree or the way the influence they always have had on the NAB. You can argue either which way you want but at the end of the day this is an argument that will always take place until the next one comes along. “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. ” (Muhammad All)


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