Imagination has the power to encourage Essay

Imagination has the power to encourage When walking In the kitchen you hear the footsteps tap clink clang, tap clink clang from a young man age twenty-three, tall, lean but not too frail. Continuation footsteps entering the saute© station, pans moving side to side, gas burner being constantly turned to high or low, and tongs being flipped around all happening In a quickly motion. Top chef walks In says, “Get to work, start with Immaculate the saute© station immediately. Yes, chef”, He quickly replied. Wishing, whooshing, flawless swiping, drying off the dishes. He sighs, leaning against the kitchen counter, eyes focusing on the delectable food being made across the kitchen by top chef, wishing he was Just as great as he is. Dimming away but into his perfect fantasy world he suddenly is amazingly talented with culinary art master pieces looking like true art, fantastic smelling the aromatic but savory and tasting the juiciness, rich delectable labors.

His top chef impress by his work of art, astonishment of passion all into the food. “I’ve got an important announcement to make, are you all listening? ‘ Top Chef says Immediately charged. Quickly everyone stop Immediately and looks at chef. “I’m deciding to give someone a promotion to be top chef, whose earn It. This person amazing, talented, and passionate”, Chef describes. He thinks to himself, “I’m going to be top chef; I’m going to be top chef”. “The new top chef Is… Bout to announce by top chef himself. Someone walk up to him and snap, snap he instantly comes out from his perfect fantasy world. “Get to cleaning” His co-worker says. He continues to cleanse, finishing he goes into an empty station, sneakily and starts to combined flavors, experimenting them. He’s encourages to prove himself to top chef by doing this and successfully he could impress his top chef. With enough effort and hard work, even experimenting could all lead to successful/ great things.


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