Impact of academic stress on academic success of secondary school ”

Stress has perpetual element of human life. Stresshas become a significant problem in academic vortex as well as in our socialorder. Academic stress is a universal problem occurs the countries,civilizations, cultures, and communities, and be viewed in its context.(Wong, Wong & Scott 2006) Academic stress is psychological embarrassmentwith respect to some expected annoyance connected withacademic collapse or unawareness to the possibility to such failure. Theadverse physical and sentimental feedback that occur when the demand of the jobdo not match the capacities, capabilities, resources, and need of the worker.

However, focal point of an intellectual definition is more on the perception ofan individual. One example is, stress occur when the perceived pressure exceedsyour perceived ability to cope.(palmer et al,2003)Many scholars in thefield of behavior science have identify pervasive or extensive research onstress and its outcomes and concluded that the topic needed move attention.(Rees &Redfern, 2000; Ellison ,2004; Ongori & Agolla,2008; Agolla,2009)The situations and pressures that cause stress are known as stressors.Institutional level stressors are overcrowded lecture halls, semester system,and inadequate resources to perform academic work (A wino & Angola, 2008).The pressure to perform well in the examination or rest and time allocatedmakes academic environment very stressful (Erkutlu  &Chafra, 2006).People define stress as the response to existing situations, which includephysiological changes (increased heart rate, and muscle tension), emotionaland behavioral changes (Bernstein,et al 2008).

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When you face the very tough or busysituation like traffic jam or mountain of bills your body react asstrongly as if you were facing a life or death situation. Academic chronicstresses have many symptoms that you notice in yourself likecognitive symptoms, emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, and behavioralsymptoms. Cognitive symptoms like forgetfulness, loss of concentration,confused, negative self talk, lack of interest etc. 


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