Impact of Packaging on Consumer Behaviour Essay

Packaging design criteria are used to make effective packaging 1. Recognition requirements 2. Image communication requirements 3.

Technical Requirements Recognition Requirements • Branding – Branding – Logos – Symbols • Colours • Shapes Ex- Calcium Sandoz Technical Requirements • The fundamental role of packaging is to adequately hold the product for the consumer. Word of Mouth • Mostly Indian customers go for the “Word of Mouth” as suggested by their friends and family. Image Communication Requirements • Image Communication aims to create a cohesive look for the entire line of products. Image Communication can be applied to across product lines. • Image Communication can be applied to completely new product.

Typical Indian Customer The customer picks up attractive pack of biscuit and first thing he do is look at the price of the product. They are more price conscious and believe that the product is worth that much. They think that if the product is packed well and the product will be expensive as compared to the normally packed products.And if the product is packed well then the quality also will be good. Check for Discounts and offers specified on the pack. Content Specific Customers check for the contents of the product, the Vitamin, Sugar Glucose contents of Biscuits.

• Health Conscious • Quantity • Flavors Pester Power • When we were observing the customers in the Super market, we saw “Pester Power” effective. • The children were influencing their parents to buy certain pack of biscuit, and the most common biscuit pack chosen by kids was Orio. Brand Loyalty • There was a lady aged around 45 years, she was searching for a particular brand. • She searched for the product and was not able to find it, then called the Costumer Executive and asked him to find the specific brand for her. The reason she was not able to find the product was due to the new packing of the product. • She was happy to see her Brand in a new avatar. • We had conversation with some customers in Super market.

• We interviewed the customers and asked certain question and tried to understand how they relate packaging while buying a product. Customer 1 Customer Profile Name – Anirudh Varma Age- 35 years Occupation- IT Professional Anirudh’s take towards buying a product he always goes for a product which is nicely “packed”


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