Impact of the Collision of the Old and New World on Europeans, Africans, and the Indians Essay

The hit of the New and Old World impacted the Europeans.

Africans. and Autochthonal people vastly. When the two universes were introduced to each other they set up trade paths. such as the Columbian Exchange. Although it was new for all three of them. they adjusted good to the alterations over clip.

The debut of the new nutrients. animate beings. diseases.

spiritual affairs. etc. made all three groups forced to suit.In 1492. Africans along with the Europeans and the Indians. created the Columbian Exchange after Christopher Columbus discovered them. The Africans didn’t have a pick on whether they wanted to come to the New World or non. they were shipped here on bantam boats and due to the decease of the Indians the Europeans forced them to make the difficult labour without any wage.

They worked in farms and/or plantations for their “masters” who provided them with limited or no rights and they lived in atrocious conditions. In return. the Africans received different assortments of harvests. for illustration. murphies. maize. beans. tomatoes.

and many other harvests. Europeans besides tried to change over both Africans and Indians to Christianity and succeeded.In 1519.

Hernan Cortez. plus one hundred work forces. landed on the island of Cozumel. The work forces who landed had been enslaved for many old ages by the Mayans. but eventually off. As the Indians settled.

they were introduced to a new manner of life. shortly going a “wide-range hunting society” in which they roamed the unfastened land for American bison. The Indians had to set to break one’s back work as the Europeans had them work in the sugar Millss and cane Fieldss. The Europeans brought along a assortment of diseases. which shortly killed a big group of the Indians. the population started at 1 million and ended at 200.

This caused the Indians into taking retaliation against the Europeans. They did so by shooting the first sexually transmitted diseases such as syphillis into Europe.Retaliation was the lone executable option for the indigens because how barbarous the Europeans were to them. After the invasion of Hernan Cortes in 1519 and Pizarro in 1533.

the Europeans forced the Indians to give them their land and harvests. The Europeans used the lands for agribusiness and as beginnings of cherished metals. and were able to successfully works sugar and baccy plantations. With such great demand for these harvests back in Europe there was a necessity for big sums of labour. Bing that most of the autochthonal population was either familiar with the land and could easy run off or was wiped out by disease. they couldn’t enslave them.

To make full the nothingness left by the autochthonal people. the Europeans decided to enslave 1000000s of Africans alternatively. The Africans weren’t likely to run off because of the strangeness of the land and they wouldn’t cognize how to feed themselves. In 1545.

Hernando de Soto. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. and Alvar Nunes Cabeza de Vaca found silver in Potosoi. The Spanish wealth and power was based on the New World’s gold and Ag mines. all the gold and Ag made the Spanish in power for about 100 old ages.The creative activity of the New World and the Columbian Exchange impacted three ethnicities: the Europeans. the autochthonal. and the Africans.

Despite the few minor setbacks the Europeans had to travel through. such as the “starving time” and the spread of syphillis. the Europeans were impacted in a really positive manner. They were able to happen gold and Ag and works many harvests. and as a consequence were able to make the 13 settlements. But the autochthonal people did non profit. most died from disease brought by the Europeans or were tortured and killed. Out of all three groups the Africans had the most negative impact.

1000s were forced to work and they were left with no rights. The problems from the New World still impact America to this twenty-four hours: Africans weren’t granted their rights back until many old ages subsequently and unluckily there is still racism. the few autochthonal people left unrecorded in reserves. and because of the Europeans we have America.


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