Impact Of U.S. Foreign Policy In Middle East Essay

Brief IntroductionThe go oning saga of Middle East manifest from the scriptural exegesis on the life of Israelites’ battle in hunt for the promise land. The battle from Egypt flying on pes and traversing the Red Sea has long been withdrawn from the campaign of Moses.The geographic expedition of Work force from the Christian universe has non merely found the beauty of Arabian darks.

the admirations of Pyramid in Egypt and anthropological determination on the wealth of the Pharaoh but the profusion of Middle East resources in oil Wellss and gold.A few among work forces found Middle East in hunt of fate from its Aboriginal constructs to the foundation of Islam. The transmutation of Middle East to the life of the universe is carried out by the insatiate desire of work forces to capture the one time pristine and guiltless Muslim universe.Today. Middle East surpasses from the annals of clip where the waterlessness of desert is dumped with bloodletting ; the destiny of the Middle Eastern people is laid from the thenar of the adventurer.Shooting Birds with One Rock: The US in Iran-Iraq ConflictThe holocaust of Iran-Iraq war is described as one of pandemic mass slaughtering in the 20Thursdaycentury history of Middle East with human casualty toll estimated figures of approximately 1 to 2 million.

It was non merely the loss of lives but of fiscal cost of war that is attributed to being a significant wellness budget of hapless states in South East Asia.Iraq invaded Iran on September 22neodymium1980. In which earlier before on that fatal day of the month. similar local rebellion occurred that sparked the invasion. Two old ages subsequently.

Persian civilian public opposition enabled the battle and doing Iraqi’s backdown. A turn of destiny has changed the violative placement of Iran but defeated by Iraq’s modernized arms. The Iran-Iraq war lasted for eight old ages from 1980 to 1988.The desertion of Iraq to the Communist Russian Soviet has pledged the provision of arms and fiscal AIDSs comparatively to buy modernised arms from France.

Meanwhile. the United States covertly provided arms to Iran through the facilitation of Israel. The grounds behind the covert activity of US were due to the cold war struggle with Soviet Union. In which instance. the US was likened to hiting two birds with one stone—overcoming two enemies with a individual shooting of sling—without direct engagement in the battleground.Using the US-Israel diplomatic ties. entree to intelligence information were in secret supplied to Iran by the CIA.

to overpower the false belief of possible direct aggression of Soviet military personnels. to misdirect Iran from its defensive schemes and rely dependence to US ( Shalom. S.

R. . 2005 ) .

By supplying the alleged unfastened beginning information. the CIA intentionally makes the screen of programs to place with Iran at the clip of winning the war. Likewise. a disintegrating information reached Moscow for a possible direct engagement of US. The information was passed to corrupt and disintegrate Iraqi’s offensive-defensive place.From the point of position of Iran-Iraq war.

the US gained strategic coaction with Israel and someway understanding of compliment from Persian swayer Ayatollah Khomeini holding supplied with armaments. The US gambit for being diplomatic and yet covertly back uping the war has earned an advantage in the Arabian and Iranian oil pool. Liberalized oil exportation favored the US benefits.

The Iraqi swayer Saddam Hussein was taken out from the image of economic and diplomatic ties between the US. the Arabs. Persians and Israelites. What has left with Saddam was the blunt and brooding Libyan swayer Khadafy.The US clandestine activities in the Iran-Iraq struggle is perceived by political analysts. military historiographers and economic expert as holding been brought about by protecting involvement to oil resources in the Gulf and preempting the Soviet Union’s armament support to Iraq. Motivated by the similar involvement.

US continuously enhanced its diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia as a discriminatory option in the impact of Iran-Iraq war to the remainder of Middle Eastern states. In which instance. the US authorities has utilized the CIA to analyze the scenario of ruffling consequence of Iran-Iraq war and fostering the armed forces and economic assistance to Saudi Arabia in agreement of protecting the Gulf.

Predicted War: Accomplishment and IdolatryIndeed. the US has enabled to foretell the forthcoming convulsion when the Gulf war broke out in 1990. The Operation Desert Storm has propelled a more strategic US confederation to Saudi Arabia to straight affect at the frontline of defence against the invading Iraqi military personnels.

The presence of US was caught between conflicting Muslim states and justified by the Soviet instigated Iraqi invasion to Saudi Arabia. The Gulf war was defined as an indirect ill will of world powers between the US and Soviet Union.Regardless of the ideological Islamic struggle between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. the US and Soviet Union aggravated the state of affairs. The cost of Gulf war accounted for significant armament demand and supply from US and Soviet Union. The chance of concern has proven in the significant sale of armaments. Added to that. the US has forged a more constituted economic ties with Saudi Arabia and invested facilities/technologies on oil production.

The terminal of US-Soviet cold war engages individual domination of US in the Gulf. The accomplishments of US Pentagon’s Operation Desert Storm resulted isolation of Iraq from Islamic Alliess of US. However. as the US allied authoritiess in Middle East restructure its international diplomatic dealingss to the Christian universe. assorted Islamic resistance hold the vacuity of power. The influence has instigated confederations in support of Islamism philosophies.

Diversity in beliefs to Islamism has drawn divisiveness among Muslim sectarian and fundamentalist. The elevated contrast of political orientations in Islamism has emerged secessionism.The Muslim devotion in Islam has chiefly miscarriage the Oslo Agreement from its construct. The Oslo agreement on September 13Thursday1993 was supposed to convey the hereafter of Israelites and Palestinian people but it was plagued by hungriness. political-economic loot and opposition of Islamic groups that Israel accounted human slaughter of 854 and lasting 5. 051 casualties. The insufficiency of Israel to advancing political and pecuniary indulgence to Palestine broke down the Oslo ( Pipes. D.

. 2003 ) . Likewise. the abortion of Oslo was claimed by the so Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the inability of Palestinian swayer Yasser Arafat to interrupt the enchantment of terrorist act and yet go on harbouring in his government ( Netanyahu. B. .

2002 ) .The consequence of aborted Oslo agreement enticed Islamic groups and collaborated with governments that are enemies of US and its Alliess. The coaction of Islamic groups with Iraqis and Palestinian secessionist trekked down the convergence web of al-Qa’ida in Afghanistan. In which the plagued of terrorist act brought about the 9/11 onslaught to the US.Revenging Consequence: The 9/11 US TragedyThe September 11Thursday2001 onslaught to the US was called as unprecedented and described with spliting outrage of US Alliess against terrorist act. The disapprobation to the terroristic onslaught was acted upon by member provinces of the United Nations for a call to demilitarize the combatant states and governments with arms of mass devastation. Among are Iraq and North Korea in focal point of probe. The US claimed recently that it found out Iraq conspired with the terroristic handicraft of al-Qaeda.

More so. US have known its enemy manner back from its function in the Iran-Iraq war. And. the consequence of intelligence assemblage on Iraq assistance to al-Qa’ida.The synthesis on the cobweb of US presence to struggles in Middle East has met the revenging consequence as attributed in the 9/11 calamity. As the onslaught was described as cowardliness in character.

it can non deny the consideration for a relatiative factor that instigated the 9/11 calamity. In contrast. Iraq did non immerse into strategic place which evidently constructed the confederacy theory of US and its Alliess in the United Nations. In add-on to the theory. it was even more concluded that Iraq was in ownership of deadly armament which ruled out by the UN Security Council to be disarmed and eradicated.

In 2003. prosecuting Baghdad in Iraq lightened the metropolis with barrage and progressing US military military personnels. The ephemeral US invasion to Iraq and accordingly capturing Saddam Hussein has shown relevancy to the rule of US. The delivery to international tribunal of Justice and prosecution of Saddam relive the Iraqi people to reconstructing the democracy and authorities. It was non for US to directing the function of Iraqis in reconstituting their manner of life but to proclaim socio-political-economic diplomatic ties and geographic expedition of Iraq resources.

What transpired over the highly pressuring presence of US in the Middle East. with its counter-terrorism docket. the facade of human slaughter and uncertainness that root from the autochthonal war of Muslim in its Islam religion. is a go oning impact of US in Middle East with the surpluss of its foreign policy for wealth and power domination.

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