Impact of Water Shortage on Humans and the Environment Essay

In Sandra Posted article she explains the Impact Lack of water will have on Humans and the environment. She begins the article by stating that, “our water problem turns out to be much more worrisome than our energy problem” (Posted 1). She goes on to explain that human activity, the increase in global warming temperatures and humans altering of our natural waterways are the blame for the water problem. She gives examples of natural water disasters and she also explains that as the population grows more demand has caused global water shortages.She also talks about how water is absolutely essential for all life forms. There is no way for us to survive without water.

There is absolutely no substitute for water and why we must work hard to conserve it. She explains that we can reverse the water problem. She said that energy and water are connected and that we need one to have another. Posted said there are multiple problems that the world must focus on. She said In the past decades we have had floods, storms, droughts, dam’s breaks and famines.She points out that most Americans think these disasters only happen in faraway countries, but in fact in the last couple of years Americans have experienced floods and natural disasters. She also commented that the water challenges confronting us locally, regionally, and globally are unprecedented.

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She finishes up the article by explaining that if we allow dams to be taken down and natural water purifying systems to be put back Into place could help water scarcity will be self-fixing. I found Sandra Pastel’s article extremely critical.She talks about the importance of shrinking our personal water footprints and that the amount of water used to produce all the things we buy Is staggering. She also explains that “the average U. S. Resident uses, directly and indirectly, about 2,480 pubic meters of water per year- about 1 ,800 gallons per day-twice the global average” (Posted 8). That statement bought back memories of the water shortage some years ago. We were asked to not flush toilets, take less baths and not water our lawns.

I never heard any government official or community leaders talking about building a long-term contingency plans. What I did hear was a lot talk about why we were experiencing the water shortages. The main reason given was low rain fall amounts and this was said to cause our flow into the river to be below normal. Pastel’s article has made a believer out of me. I am ready to commit to doing whatever it takes to conserve water. The united States and other countries need to band together in these conservation efforts. I believe that if we educate people on water conservation.

The more they will be willing to help. In my opinion. The best way right now to help with water conversation is to raise public awareness and enforce laws.

A strong point in this article was the message: “Energy and water toy 2 13). I agree with Posted views on fossil fuels which can lead to even more water being conserved. I really think that we can partner with other countries to make a lasting impact.

Farmers can also make a huge impact on conserving water by using efficient irrigation equipment and weather APS.Using these APS along with irrigation systems can help save water. Farmers can also use proper soil management, water recycling and organic farming methods. Using organic farming methods will reduce the amount of water used. Sandra Pastel’s article has made me more aware of our water crisis. What is the solution? In the future, residential communities will have to take into account possible water shortages.

One way to do that would be to build homes that are more water efficient akin to energy efficiency. This would include low flow bathrooms and efficient lawn watering systems.In the meantime there is so much an individual can do to make a world of difference with small adjustments such as detecting leaks, visiting your local water conservation office, turn off the water while you are lathering your hands, turning off water when brushing your teeth, and upgrading older toilets. I plan to spread the word and be a water advocate with my neighbors, friends and coworkers. I will also attend local water district meetings. We have a long way to go, but a deeper appreciation of the nature of the water problem is needed.

Often, the public tends to confuse the term global change with global warming and do not associate the global change with the problem of water scarcity. Global shortage of water, now is the real inconvenient truth. We must take heed and react quickly before it is too late. I believe that we can meet these challenges if we work together. Our Joint efforts will go a long way towards alleviating this growing problem.

Then we must we elect politicians who takes the survival of our planet a priority, we might be able to slow down global warming and conserve water before it is to late.


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