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Kevin Cao Professor McQueeney English Composition 1 24 October 2012 Annotated Bibliography In the beginning of her essay Organ Sales Will Save Lives, Joanna Mackay says that there are thousands of people that are in need of kidneys and thousands that are willing to sell their kidneys. So what’s stopping these people from getting the kidneys? We are. Our government has prohibited the sale of human organs. The government should not ban this. In fact, they should actually regulate it.People’s lives are on the line because they need these organs immediately. A family member who offers to donate a kidney to another family member could not do so because the government has banned it.

The government should regulate the sale of human organs because people are being forced to wait in line for a cadaverous kidney for ten years. “We’re losing some 6,000 people per year to the organ shortage — more than twice the number killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks,” says David L.

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Kaserman, a professor of Economics at Auburn University in Alabama. “It’s completely unethical to let so many people die every year simply because some people think it’s wrong to pay donors. ” People that are in need of a kidney will do anything to obtain one however they could. Once a kidney has stopped working, nothing can be done to revive it. When a person’s kidney has failed, there are only two options to treat it: dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Dialysis is temporary and acts as an artificial kidney. Dialysis is very expensive and harsh.Dialysis filters your blood the way a kidney would. It doesn’t work 100%, but it works. People who are being treated with dialysis will be hooked up to a machine for the rest of their lives. When patients undergo dialysis, they should not add any stress because it will make them feel very faint and tired.

Adding stress will keep you from doing your daily routines. Joanna MacKay says in her essay, “in the year 2000 alone, 2,583 Americans died while waiting for a kidney transplant; worldwide the number of deaths is around 50,000 (93).If governments had regulated the sale of human organs, these people would have lived. People who offer to donate a kidney should be able to. The government should not be able to deny these people’s request. Works Cited Mackay, Joanna.

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