In 1940

In 1940, Frederick McKinley Jones found the Thermo King which later would be called cold chain. The cold chain is a form of cold technology to transport food, while to retain its nutritional and economic value. Around the world there are two billion people who suffer from different forms of malnutrition. Every year, malnutrition causes 2.6 million children’s death. Children are the most affected by famine. Today, malnutrition is the main health problem in certain countries as people are dying from malnutrition. In some African countries there are a high rate of risk that children die before their fifth anniversary, so it is 76.5 per 1000 live births rather than in Europe 9.6 per 1000 live births. Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nepal, Malawi and Madagascar are countries which are fighting against malnutrition. But I think that with new technology, may be one day, our world will not suffer from such scourge.
So, according to Sherry Burnette, who is the founder and the director of the “Love A Child” in Haiti, she has suggested that it is the children who suffer the most from malnutrition as she often see children who suffer from severe malnutrition, like skin infection, injuries that have become infected and so many other conditions. Another case of malnutrition according to Sherry Burnette is a little boy that they have found at Mobile Medical Clinic in Sapaterre, “he was in so much pain, and his eye had become badly infected. We sent him to a hospital where the doctors removed his eye to prevent the infection from spreading to his brain and causing him to die.” In Haiti, many children and adults do not have a full meal every day. So, I think if some countries want to help those children and adults; they will have to use the cold chain method to preserve all the nutrients of the food.
Furthermore, in India, there is a small amount of farmers, who live in village and lack of access to a reliable electricity supply. So, they can’t build a cold storage technology, until there is adequate road and power stations to support them. According to David Appel, who is the President and Jon Shaw, who is the Director, of the Transicold & Refrigeration System- a part of United Technologies Climate, Control & Security, they suggested that the cold chain method is the best technology with no associated risk, to prolong the shelf life of perishable food. “A varied diet is essential to provide micronutrients, and the cold chain is essential for transporting, preserving and providing high-micronutrient food. I think that David Appel and Jon Shaw are people on whom we can rely on as they have a good reputation and are experts in such field
Despite, of the strength of cold chain, there is still a big problem of malnutrition. I think that to transport food to other countries is very expensive as they have to retain the nutrients of the food and also to control the temperature to avoid food poisoning.
The cold chain food is very important as it can help many countries to fight against malnutrition. So, according to Food Research International by … suggested that with climate change, an increase of temperature, so there can be a risk of food poisoning. The cold chain technology will avoid the food from poisoning. I believe that some countries can fight this problem, for example, according to Document 4 in the pre-release material, certain countries have a rich forest. According to Bhaskar Vira, Reader in Political Economy at the Department of Geography and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College: Director, University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute, he suggested that “tree foods are often rich in vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients and are associated with more diverse diets.” He had taken the example of locust bean dried seed and the cashew nut contain more iron than a chicken meat. So, I believe if for example, they use those nuts to make biscuits and distribute to poor countries, then people who will collect those nuts can after all have a pay work,which will not bring a lot of money but money so that they can buy food and so on. I also think that they can transport those beans and nuts to big cities to manufacture food; they can transport it by the cold chain food method, to preserve the entire nutrient that those beans and nuts contain. But this will not reduce the case of malnutrition.
However, we want to help poor countries to avoid malnutrition, but there is poor export figure attribute according to Munawar Salih, Co-Founder at Healship Technologies. He also said that there is also a huge wastage of perishable food which occurs due to the lack of re-cooling and storage facilities, poor product knowledge and lack of professionals and poor scarce application of latest tools and technologies. So, I think that governments, who help poor countries by exporting food, should contribute to have a good export of food and to have a good cold chain method.
Based on all the arguments, I have found the cold chain technology can be a savior to the problem of malnutrition but I have also found that even using the cold chain technology can also not solve the problem of malnutrition. The cold chain method is a good technology to preserve the nutrients of food, may be the cold chain technology can reduce the food waste. If government in poor countries like Haiti, Africa, India and Madagascar also collaborate with other governments who want to help the poor countries, perhaps the malnutrition rate can be decreased. Big cities where there is food wastage which throw calories enough to feed three billion of people, according to Pete Pearson, Director of food waste prevention, should think twice before wasting food. But, the cold chain technology also has it weaknesses as some governments will not invest for the case of malnutrition.
Before my research, I didn’t believe that the cold chain technology can have weaknesses. I have read several articles about malnutrition and cold chain technology; I can say that malnutrition continues to exist in poor countries and every time many children and adults die because of malnutrition. Through the stimulus material I learned that the cold chain technology can reduce food waste and also help to fight against malnutrition. Now, I also know African forest is full of beans and nuts which can be also used to fight malnutrition. In my final judgment, I can say that if all countries collaborate together to distribute food to poor countries, we can fight it.


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