In addition to maternity leave

In addition to maternity leave, access to other kinds of family leave for the care of newborn and young children is important for a worker’s ability to reconcile work and family life. Such leave provisions include paternity leave, parental leave and adoption leave. Paternity leave is usually a short period of leave to care for the child and the mother around the time of childbirth. Parental leave tends to be a longer period of leave to care for the child beyond maternity or paternity leave and is typically available to one or both of the parents, with some countries now making available non-transferable portions of parental leave to each parent. Adoption leave provides time for parents to care for their adopted children. Each type of leave will be discussed separately in this section. Information on these issues comes from the ILO Working Conditions Laws Database – Maternity Protection and additional sources (see Appendix IV for a table of indicators by country).


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