In all my years as Blackstone Valley Prep student

In all my years as Blackstone Valley Prep student, I had always wanted to be more involved in the school community. Beginning in middle school, as a young misbehaving scholar, my greatest desire was to represent my fellow peers as fierce, determined leader. My first successful attempt at a leadership position was winning class representative for my homeroom Mass Art. Although this achievement did not entail much, nevertheless the “responsibility” of being a leader for others resonated with me because I had been voted in by my peers, who I remember reiterated their faith in my ability to grow in order to be a leader.
As I embarked on my journey to become a freshman in high school, choosing and adjusting to people I had never met before was a daunting task. I remember the internal conflict of trying to find my place in this new school culture. Unfortunately, I had not grown enough to realize that


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