In an article in this book

In an article in this book, the authors aim to explore on ways to make tourism more accessible for the ageing population that have disabilities and have most probably retired. This study is important, as there are many studies that talks about trends, however, many fail to see how the mode of traveling, and type of retirees could affect tourism, in which this article discussed to great extent. This article is reliable as it is published in 2012, making the knowledge relevant to be applied to the current population. This article focused on marketing to older adults with disabilities, who have plenty of free time and money to spend on traveling. According the authors, the estimated travel for older adults with disabilities can generate about $473 million Australian dollars. Older adults with disabilities are looking into better quality of air travel, which could provide for both the disabled and regular customers. One suggestion that was stated was to have universal designs so that air travel will be more inclusive for older adults with disabilities.

In this web article, the author analyses the travel trends of Boomers for 2018 through online surveys that aims to examine the intention behind traveling so as to increase knowledge on methods to better target the Boomers population. This study is important to us, as it will show us the anticipated trends of the upcoming year, enabling us to have the ability to pinpoint the areas the older adults prefer, so as to allow to accurately target the older adults. This source is reliable, as they constantly upload yearly analysis, and this is the 2018 forecast edition, which makes this analysis the most updated of all the other studies. Apart from that, this source has also been copyrighted by AARP Research, which means that the information is accurate. Some highlights of this article, are evidence that there is an increase in the trend of Boomers traveling for relaxation than for any other reasons. Another noteworthy information was that Boomers are each expected to take about 4 to 5 trips in 2018, generating about $6400 on expenses spent during travels, which is supposedly more than the amount spent in 2017. Nonetheless, majority of the Boomers are still motivated to travel to have quality time with family, and claim that limitations to traveling include health and weather conditions. All these information are relevant as it gives us knowledge on expected travel trends of older adults, like how knowing that older adults prefer traveling with family enables us to maybe plan package deals for family to travel in tours.

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In this journal article, the author strives to understand the role and importance of tourism in retirement, by carrying out interviews to obtain insights on traveling retiree’s views of tourism and travel. This study will benefit them to better plan and target the older adult sector, as they will have better knowledge on the older adult sector’s preferences. This source is reliable, as it was published in 2008, which means that it is still moderately up to date. Apart from that, it has been copyrighted by Elsevier Limited and has also been published in a book called “Annuals of Tourism Research”, which makes this research is relevant to our focus area of travel trends of older adults. Focusing on travel trends, the author believes that the older adult sector is greatly influencing the tourism trends due to the population size, purchasing power, and social predictions, which claims that this sector is going to experience continuous growth for another 10 to 20 years. Results from the study shed lights on 5 important themes: Retirement as an Opportunity, Negotiating Constraints, “Spillover” between Leisure and Tourism, Tourism may preserve Old Interests, and Tourism is for Quality Time with Loved Ones. Although all the themes excelled in showing the trend, one that stood out was “Tourism may preserve Old Interests”, as it shows older adults see tourism as opportunity to explore new things about the environment and also themselves.

In this journal article, the author seeks to examine a new trend in outbound tourism, called long-stay tourism, with particular focus on the Japanese retirees in Malaysia. This study is important to us, as it explores a new form of tourism that new could consider while targeting the retirees. This source is reliable as it was published in 2008, which makes this article updated to current trends, and will be able to give relevant information to the topic on travel trends in retirees. From the analysis, the authors states an increase in the number of Japanese retirees traveling to foreign countries for long time periods to enable them experience the culture fully, some even to permanently stay there as an option for better retirement life. They now strive to go through self-actualisation and want to spend on increasing their life satisfaction. The knowledge is relevant to us, as we now know that life satisfaction is an important factor to consider when targeting retirees.


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