In just 200 square feet, kitchen, dining, and no claustrophobia Essay

In just 200 square feet, kitchen, dining, and no claustrophobia

A one-person kitchen next to, but separated from, a dining room is
what Joan Loeken wanted in her small Seattle house. Designer Paul Von
Rosenstiel fitted both into just over 200 square feet, yet neither room
is cramped.

To keep the cook in the tiny 8- by 12-foot kitchen from feeling
claustrophobic, he provided natural light and open spaces without
putting kitchen preparations and equipment in sight from other rooms.
At one side, a counter turns a corner that’s open to the living
room; an adjoining partial wall stretches up, masking the back of the
refrigerator and screening views of the rest of the kitchen.

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The kitchen has only one conventional window–which maximizes the
amount of wall space for cabinets and storage–yet it’s bright and
airy. White walls and cabinets help make the room seem more spacious;
they also reflect light admitted by the clerestory windows.

The 9- by 12-foot dining room is just a step away from the kitchen.
A 3- by 7-foot fir-paneled door (see upper right photograph) can close
off the opening between the rooms.

In the kitchen, cupboard doors are particle board covered with
plastic laminate. The storage cabinet shown above has a glass door
framed in fir on the dining side, in keeping with the open feeling of
the rooms.

Photo: Notched to counter height, wall gives cook view to living
room. Clerestory windown above long beam bring in light, open for

Photo: Rolling barn-type door closes off kitchen. Short wall lets
rooms share light

Photo: Tiny kitchen borrows volume from living and dining areas by
using partial walls (shaded); clerestory windows bring light to all
three areas

Photo: Door slides on custom-made walnut track and rollers. Dowel set into wall acts as doorstop

Photo: Easy storage, easy access: glassware and dishes go in on
kitchen side, can be taken out on dining side


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