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In the following essay, I attempt to dis cuss four characteristics that often affect developing countries. Very often developing countries face development challenges. The outcome of the challenges is a combination of the following characteristics: historical, political, social, environmental. All four of the characteristic somewhat works together to be able to affect the countries development. We as humans have no control over natural disasters. Natural disasters are evident that environmental factors contribute to a county’s stage of development. However, the characteristics that I will be discussing have been all created and continued by the cruel behaviour of humans. The reason why I decided to answer this question, is because I strongly believe that every country must have a chance in developing and growing into its fullest potential.
Firstly, for humans to have a clear insight into the present and future of a country, they must start of by studying the past of that specific country and its historical events. A country’s history plays a massive role in contributing to its level of development. Colonisation is one of the biggest and most alarming factors that has affected the development of a country. According too, Pereira C (2011;51), “Colonisation occurs when a country or group of people who wish to control ‘new’ territories from permanent settlements (or colonies) there”. This involves enormous movements of people from countries to other countries or spaces due to circumstances. Colonisation involves the domination of the indigenous population. The sad reason for colonisation power’s desire and might to claim/take new lands and people for their own political gain. In result of this behaviour, the indigenous populations of colonies started to work as slaves, all because of the harsh colonising powers. The indigenous peoples land was taken and given away. When colonisation took place in the Americas, the same sad process unstoppable happened throughout Asia and Africa. Colonisation is the reason that Asia, Afrika and Latin America feature as the least developed countries world-wide.
Secondly, the political environment of a country is often related to the country’s history and the past has a massive impact on the present and future development of the country. From a political view, government must take actions and make decisions. The actions and decisions which the government have made will be the result of what happened to the developing country. The past wars that was caused by political actions between countries largely affected the governments best abilities to come up with solutions for the developing of countries. The reason for this is because wars is very-very expensive and is the blame for death and destruction. According too, Pereira C (2011: 54), “Developing count.ies that lack a stable system of government or those that have experienced war, often become burdened with political crises which impede their development”. This political problem can be the cause that countries never recover from their downfall.
Thirdly, it is clear that many countries have a lack of basic infrastructure. The infrastructure that a country need is the following: roads, water and electricity, hospitals, schools and facilities for the disadvantages. The reason for the lack of infrastructure in many countries is because there is not enough money raised by the government through their taxes and national industries. The money that is supposed to be raised through taxes and national industries must be invested intro infrastructure which is suppose to ensure that people get their basic needs. In some developing countries the lack of government promoting contraception is the result of a high birth rate. What comes after a high birth rate is only problems. One problem is poverty, the reason for this problem is that countries does not have enough money to maintain the country as it is needed to be maintained. However, it should be noted that everyone does not have the same reason for not using birth control, it is often due to cultural and religious reasons. People should be educated about the different viruses and and diseases. HIV/AIDS is the downfall of many developing countries. This virus has already taken more than 20 million people’s lives.
Lastly, the availability of natural resources will have an enormous contribute to the development of a country. The countries that is natural rich from natural resources such as coal and oil can save money as they do not need to spend money on importing theses resources from other countries. These natural resources produce electricity, and electricity is needed to survive and develop a country nowadays. Natural resources generate wealth for countries. This means that money can be spend on other types of industries. Countries need to have well-developed infrastructure to provide a better life for the citizens. A well-developed country increases the quality of life for the country’s citizens. There are also other natural factors that cause an exacerbate global inequalities and natural disaster According too, Pereira C (2011: 58), “The 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake (Boxing Day tsunami), which caused over 200000 deaths and devastated many coastal regions of the Indian Ocean, was an example of a natural disaster which severely hindered the development of affected countries”.
I strongly believe, that the one-child policy must come in working in all the develop countries which find it really hard to grow till its full potential. This policy will help and make sure that there will be no overpopulation. If there’s not a large population in a country it is cheaper to maintain the countries needs.
To come to conclusion to the above essay, it is clear that a country’s stage/level of development is largely influenced by interrelated factors. All of the factor(characteristics) works together, and in evidence of it working together is a big pothole and does not allow the country to develop into its full potential. I personally believe that there must be created more political and economical policies which will help with the developing of countries.


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