In what way is cultural and national identity a major concern in this extract Essay

The infusion makes changeless mentions to cultural and national individuality through the manner of the text. the imagination of the vesture and visual aspects of people. There is besides indicant to context through the beliefs of people in the topographic points that Jonathan visits and their rejection towards him. Bram Stoker uses this cultural and national individuality to contrast the one of that Jonathan possesses.Throughout the text. there is extended description on the visual aspects of the people and sometimes architecture of the differences places the supporter visits.

picturing the differences of civilization and national individuality. They wore high boots. with their pants tucked into them. and had long black hair and heavy black moustaches… really picturesque. but do non look prepossessing. ” These descriptions give hints to their context and when the visual aspect displacements quickly. there is a clear apprehension that the supporter is going to new topographic points rapidly. This traveling is another hint to his context.

with the being of travel authorship and trains.The civilization and national individuality of the different topographic points that Jonathan travels to is an indicant that he is no longer in his modern society but going deeper and deeper into a civilization that about lives in the yesteryear. This is shown by the imagination of the people in the different towns. “… with short jackets. and circular chapeaus. and home-made pants. ” These people are extremely superstitious and this is conveyed by the landlady’s concern for Jonathan as he is go forthing on the 4th of May.In her civilization.

there is superstitious notion upon the following twenty-four hours as it believed to be the twenty-four hours where “all the evil things in the universe will hold full sway” . The rood and prayer beads are symbols of her civilization and nationality and are used to have on away the abhuman. This “old” manner of life seems about crude and barbarian compared to the “new” modern context that Jonathan comes from.

As he travels from the West to the East. there is contrast between the vesture that they wear and besides the beliefs within the people.Jonathan clearly comes from a more technologically and academically advanced society and this is shown through the epistolatory signifier of the text which can be identified from the day of the months and locations stated prior every entry and the recount-like narrative manner. The train in Jonathan’s universe is contrasted with the Equus caballus and passenger car in the less advanced universe he has travelled to. “ [ He ] cracked his large whip over his four little Equus caballuss.

which ran abreast. and we set off on our journey.The late-Victorian context. anti-modernism and anti-rationalism is reflected in the locations Jonathan travels to. It is particularly obvious when he passes groups of people and they call him names such as ““Ordog” – Satan. “Pokol” – snake pit.

“stegoica” – witch”” . The people of the town demo a rejection towards Jonathan as his modernness clearly does non belong in their society. They criticise him as a impression to knock his modern sort for the unnatural behaviors of their universe and the existences that possess these features. the abhuman.Although there are differences in the nationalities. the designation of the abhuman in this country is unvarying – ““vrolok” and “vlkoslak” – both mean the same thing. one being Slovak and the other Servian for something that is either wolfman or lamia.

” This once more depicts the big sums of superstitious notion and rejection towards scientific discipline which is so contrasted with the reason of Jonathan. The Eastern towns that Jonathan travels to are apparently ‘abhuman’ as they believe in unusual superstitious notions and do non believe in modernness and alteration.They are comparatively crude and do non encompass modern engineering such as trains.

This behavior gives the reader that sense of abnormalcy and the abhuman as they see things through first individual narrative trough Jonathan’s point of position. Summarily. Stoker has used an epistolatory manner and other characteristics to convey Jonathan’s context which is so contrasted with the descriptions of the unfamiliar locations that he travels to. This unusual superstitious behavior is used to contrast between the civilized and barbarian. progressive and regressive. human and abhuman.


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