In what ways did the Nazi’s try to eliminate all Jews in Europe in the years from 1941 onwards? Essay

Prior to 1941 treatment towards Jews was appalling they were banned from certain places, stopped from doing certain things and even stopped from going out at certain times. They were majorly discriminated against to extreme measurements, schools taught children to recognise Jews and to make fun at them. Treatment changed after 1939 but not for the better, the Jews were being attacked every day, they were being discriminated more and more and mainly more and mare were dieing.After all this Jews were still far from being old news, Ghettos were introduced along with special action squads and concentration camps.

940 saw the first of the major changes to Jewish people. Ghettos were introduced, Ghettos were large areas of towns or cities walled off for Jews to live. This was so that Jews would be away from the Germans to keep them pure, also it was one of the methods they used to kill Jews as the conditions were so bad. Conditions were terrible, families were forced into one tiny little room. These rooms would have no windows or light, no fresh air, no washing facilities, lots of diseases and hardly any food. The most famous ghetto was in Warsaw, as it was the largest of all the Ghettos around German territory.Ghettos were found to have a few problems, they took too long to kill Jewish people and there were too many Jews to fit in all the Ghettos. Special action squads aka Einsatzgruppen or SS were introduced in 1941, their main purpose was to kill all Jews.

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The special action squads were ordered to beat or even kill any Jew that crossed their path, whether they were men or women and children. These SS men alone killed over 2 million Jews and later ran the concentration camps that killed more Jews for Hitler, these men also used to humiliate Jews publicly.However the SS had too many problems, they took too long to kill Jews, they wasted too much time and ammo, lost their spirit due to killing all the Jews and they ran out of space to bury all the dead Jews they had shot. These problems were later solved, as the Hitler started concentration camps that were more effective. On the 20th of January the Wansee conference took place, in which Nazi leaders met to discuss the Jewish problem. They decided upon the Final Solution, this was the idea of exterminating all Jews in Europe. To do this extermination process they needed a plan, this was simply camps.

Concentration camps, death camps, labour camps, death and concentration camps and euthanasia camps that were introduced a little earlier. These camps were basically used to kill or torture Jews, in some they would be killed and in others they would die from exhaustion or from work. They were introduced in 1942 and were used from then onwards, killing Jews and then stealing their possessions.

Families were split into those who could work and those who couldn’t, after this those who couldn’t work were killed in gas chambers emitting toxic gases but were first told they were going to be de-loused.These gas chamber held up to 2000 people and it took 3 to 15 minutes for everyone to die, bodies would then be burned in a huge furnace with the fumes being let out in to the air. Workers lives were hell they had to work and sleep in the same clothes for months on end, they had to eat infected meat which could cause TB, they were beaten for minor mistakes, their heads were completely shaved and they were given a number to be referred to instead of a name.Most who avoided the gas chambers were left to die especially towards the end of the war, this way of killing Jews was most efficient and was later stopped when the German lost the war. Nazi’s used many was to eliminate Jews but the most important method was the concentration camps as it was the most effective and efficient. Also camps were only closed because of the war ending they may have killed more and more and achieved their goal.


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