Independent Adult? Essay

Do If I were given the opportunity today, I think I would not be fully ready to be an independent adult. To be an independent adult requires a lot of aspects. Although I do have many of the traits to be on my own, I don’t have all the key qualities that are mainly important. I am only 16 for I don’t have a good enough education to get a steady Job for me, or to be financially stable, so wouldn’t be able to buy the things necessary for me to survive. First thing that I need to do to be able to be on my win is to graduate high school.

Even if I only graduated high school I would barely make it and I plan on going to college. My parent’s are paying for my college and graduate school so I most likely won’t be an, “independent adult” tell I’m in my mid- twenties. After college I would haft to get a Job, which shouldn’t be a problem after all the years of school I have planned out for my future dream Job. After getting my education and Job I will have be making a good enough income to move out.

I am a retry independent person as it is so I know I’m capable of living by myself. Right now, I don’t pay for anything and my wonderful parent’s pay for everything. I probably couldn’t go a day on my own right now. Going to college and getting a good Job will definitely benefit me financial wise so I won’t haft to worry about not having enough money. Having my own place, Job, and having a lot of money; I think I would be able survive. I would be able to provide the food to nourish my body and the clothes on y back.

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When become independent I am going to live my life successfully. I know I wouldn’t be able to live on my own without my parent’s right now and for quite a while as a young adult. I do believe you need to go to college to be a successful independent adult, and that’s what I am going to do first. Having bills and rent and other things are stressful if you are barely making it. I try to make the most of what I am being offered, and I’m truly blessed to have parent’s to provide for me through it


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