Informative and Persuasive Speeches Is There a Difference? Essay

In order to understand the two types of speeches we listen to first we must understand the meaning of each, for example the Informative speech is as the word states ‘to give information’. The second the Persuasive speech is where a person (the speaker) is trying to convince or sway the audience to follow his/her ideas. Human beings are in general terms visual learners, when an individual is presenting a speech we tend to follow their body language. The average person will think of politics whenever one hears the word speech, therefore we will be looking at two particular speeches in to understand there objective.

On January 20 1961 John F. Kennedy presented his Inaugural Speech to the nation. Within his speech he not only gave information he emphasized on how the audience should think. Therefore in this particular speech it can be evaluated as an Informative as well as a Persuasion type of speech. The physical actions of this particular speaker were those of making sure the audience paid more attention to particular words and phrases. The second speech was presented by Lyndon B. Johnson on March 15 1965.

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Here former president Johnson gave an Informative speech but it was geared towards a Persuasive type of speech, because he not only gave examples of the situation he also gave directions on how to move forward. Persuasive speeches have one thing in common they both must have a presenter who gives the audience a sense of wellbeing, in other words the speaker’s appearance is something which most see at first. If the speaker is a person who they (the audience) can connect with the speech would be more attractive.

The actual concept of the Persuasive speech typically deals with a controversial topic, and the goal is to change a belief or behavior or at least create a willingness to consider your viewpoint. The Informative Speech usually is talking to the audience about a process, an object or idea, or an event. The purpose is to convey information. The concept of speech giving has been with mankind since the dawn of time. In today’s technological world we are bombarded with speeches.

Commercials for example are speeches in the sense that they give us information although once again they are geared toward persuasion. A speech is nothing more than giving or presenting an idea or a thought. Today the actual speech writers should be considered “Technicians” of the English language in our case. These individuals have come to master the language in a form that the speaker is given words which affect us emotionally and with the proper physical actions made by the presenter our emotions are now in play.

Once our emotions are activated as humans we tend to pay more attention and are more likely to be swayed towards the information offered. The final conclusion is both types of speeches have something in common they both give information yet the Persuasive is presented to drive an audience towards that given idea. On a personal note it was my pleasure to have been present when both speeches were given and it was a great emotional uplift seeing them again.



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