Inominate Somatic Dysfunction

name types of inominate dysfunction
_anterior vs. posterior inominate_Up vs. Down Slip_superior vs. inferior pubic shears_in vs. outflares
why is pelvic girdle so important
locomotion, support, and balance
what is the name of the inferior part of the sacrum that articulates with the coccyx
sacral apex
during normal walking, the pubic symphysis serves as which axis for alternating hip bone rotation
anterior axis
is there motion at the pubic symphysis
Heck Yeah it is!!
OPP Pearl: T or FIt is clinically crucial to make sure that there is motion at the pubic symphysis with any OMT of the pelvic girdle.

Always check the pubes!!!

what does the sacrospinous ligament divide?
the greater and lesser sciatic notches
which ligament restricts anterior sacral nutation?
sacrotuberous ligament
describe the sacrotuberous ligament with anterior sacral base dysfunctions
it is tender and tense
describe the sacrotuberous ligament in regards to tensegrity
_continuous with fascia of hamstring muscles_forms important link between lower extremity and trunk
what other ligament stabilizes anterior motion of L5 vertebra on the sacrum?
iliolumbar ligament
what’s the first ligament to become tender at the onset of lumbosacral somatic dysfunction?
the iliolumbar ligament
what ligament restricts sacral extension (counternutation)?
the long posterior sacroiliac ligament
the long posterior sacroiliac ligament courses from what to insert into S4?
the PSIS
which ligament is tense and tender in posterior sacral base dysfunctions?
the long posterior sacroiliac ligament
what motion occurs on the superior transverse axis
respiratory (S2 level)
what motion occurs on the middle transverse axis
what motion occurs on the inferior transverse axis
inominate rotation!!!!!!
what happens when you strike the left heel on the ground during the gait cycle?
when you strike the left heel on the ground, you establish a left oblique axis around which the right sacral base will rotate to the left.
describbe normal iliosacral motion when standing
-innominate rotates anteriorly-sacrum moves into flexion-lumbar spine extends (increased lordosis)
describe normal iliosacral motion when seated
-innominate rotates posteriorly-sacrum moves into extension -lumbar spine flexes (decreased lordosis)
what does the standing flexion test tell y9ou
which innominate has the issue
what does the seated flexion test tell you
it lateralizes the somatic dysfunction to the affected sacroiliac joint
what do the spring and sphinx tests confirm
a negative test confirms an anterior problem
what does sacrotuberous ligament tone tell you
when its lax, it is indicative of an innominate up-slip
what does the ASIS compression test tell you
it’s like a standing/seated flexion test. it lateralizes the dysfunction to the tight side, which lacks resiliency (it doesn’t bounce back because its lax)
What does a + ASIS compression test tell you?
A + compression test is indicative of SI joint, innominate or pubic bone somatic dysfunction
In a right anterior innominate somatic dysfunction, what is the likely nidus?
hypertonic quadriceps or short right leg
in a right anterior innominate somatic dysfunction, what are the results of the standing flexion test
+, right standing flexion test
in a left posterior innominate somatic dysfunction, what could the nidus be
hypertonic hamstrings or psoas
superior shear is the same thing as what?
What is the nidus for an inferior shear aka down slip?
what is the nidus for a superior shear aka up slip?
In an upslip, describe the sacrotuberous ligament
lax on the dysfunctional side
what % of the dirty 1/2 half has an innominate shear in a failed low back pain syndrome patient?
In an inflare, which tests are positive
-standing flexion test (on affected side)-ASIS compression test (on affected side)
In an outflare, which tests are positive
-standing flexion test-ASIS compression test
when is pubic symphysis motion occurring?
-in one-legged standing during the walking cycle-if one-legged standing on one side is habitual, chronic pubis dysfunction occurs-muscle imbalance between abdominal muscles above the thigh and adductors from below can be secondary to prolonged one-legged standing
which are physiologic, superior or inferior pubic shears?
neither or them is physiologic!!!!!!!!!!!!
what % of failed low back pain syndrome patients have a pubic shear somatic dysfunction?
what is the nidus for right superior pubic shear?
trauma hypertonic rectus abdominus
what is the nidus for right inferior pubic shear
traumahypertonic adductors

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