Inspector Calls Essay

Erics character and his map within

In an Inspector Calls Priestley purposes to demo that all actions have reverberations. He besides tells us that charity isn’t ever good charity unless it is thoughtful and helps person as it can frequently merely leave people in a worse off place. Eric helps Priestley to accomplish this purpose by believing he is assisting Eva but really he leaves her in a worse place without gaining it as he shows her what she could hold had. Priestley besides wants us to believe about how the younger coevals can alter their positions easy and how they are influenced by their parents who can’t change their positions as easy.

Eric starts the drama as a capitalist but so alterations to a socialist as he realises it is better whereas Mr and Mrs Birling don’t alteration. Priestley besides wants to demo that frequently state of affairss are influenced and linked to other state of affairss and how socialism is better than capitalist economy and this is shown at the terminal of the book by Eric and Sheila going better people because of altering from capitalist to socialist and acknowledging that they have wronged. Eric is foremost introduced as he ‘ guffaws’ with laughter at the repast which is ill-mannered as the household don’t know what about and neither does he this shows that he has no regard. He is presented as a raucous character who likes a drink and in the phase waies it says ‘not excessively rudely’ and ‘rather noisily’ before Eric speaks.

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He acts in a rummy mode throughout the repast and Sheila says ‘you’re squiffy’ as she knows him good unlike Mr and Mrs Birling who don’t have a hint what he is capable of and what he has been up excessively. When the inspector turns up Eric responds in an irresponsible manner and doesn’t admit to anything. Eric bargains money from his father’s concern to ‘help’ Eva this is an irresponsible thing to make but he is merely seeking to assist but without gaining it he really makes the state of affairs worse as he doesn’t gain what the long term effects will be. When Eric gets Eva pregnant he tries to be responsible for it whereas Gerald merely leaves it and has nil to make with it. Eric is quiet and leads a sheltered life because of his parents but they don’t really understand him.

Eric brings out other characters in the book every bit good. He shows that Gerald is really irresponsible and average because at least Eric attempts to assist Eva whereas Gerald merely leaves her and is the concluding individual to force her over the border. Eric takes duty as admits what he has done and he realises that life isn’t every bit easy as he thought because he realises that everything is linked. Eric besides brings out the characters of Mr and Mrs Birling because they are speedy to judge the adult male who got Eva pregnant until they realise it was Eric when even so they don’t change their positions as they are to protective over their concern and their position and image.

He besides brings out their characters by altering and gaining that he really is merely the same as the lower categories but he has lived such a sheltered life so hasn’t realised it up until now whereas Mr and Mrs Birling take no duty for Eva’s decease and continue to hold nil to make with it and don’t admit anything and don’t accept that everyone is equal like Sheila and Eric do. I think that even though Eric is a little character he has a large function to play in An Inspector Calls. He helps Priestley to accomplish all the purposes and is a good character to demo how other character besides map and respond to each other in the drama. I think that Eric is a critical portion of the book and he holds the secret plan together.


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