Instructor: Petal Millwood
American Government
Jennifer Valdiviezo
Due Date: February 12, 2018
Civil Rights Assignment
Terry v. Ohio
What was Terry charged with?
Cleveland, October 31, 1963. Detective Martin Mc Fadden saw John Terry and two other men (suspects) standing on a street corner. Taking turns walking down the store looking into a store window. Each man repeat his action 6 times. Detective thought they were casing the store. He followed and saw them rejoin with the third man a few blocks away. After detective followed them he asked them what they were going and got a mumble in reply so he patted them down for weapons. Detective feel underneath terry’s coats and the other suspects guns. Terry was charged for carrying concealed weapons.

The Supreme Court decision on this case was the fourth amendment was not violated even though the officer didn’t have probable cause.

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Whose side are you on – Terry’s lawyer or the prosecutor?
I am on the prosecutor side because I feel they have the right to stop a person I they have suspicion that the person has committed, or is about to commit a crime, and many frisk the suspect for weapons if they have suspicion that the suspect is earned and dangerous.

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