Intelligence-A Turning Point Essay

Intelligence is a cardinal constituent that is required in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives as it helps us to ground and therefore understand and comprehend hard issues. efficaciously fit into different environmental scenes and learn from old experiences to expeditiously undertake obstructions that we may confront. The same construct has been used by authorities bureaus and civilians to acquire information about the universe around them which enable them to explicate rational determinations sing their relationship with foreign states and therefore efficaciously program for any facet that poses a menace to the public assistance and development of their state.The preparation of an intelligent organic structure is besides cost effectual because supplying each governmental federal unit with satellite reconnaissance is highly expensive. In an effort of guarding the involvements of US in relation to US safety.

defence. jurisprudence and policy devising statute laws the authorities organic structure has relied on intelligent organic structures since US became a republic though the organic structures were non a proviso in the US fundamental law ( Prados. 2006 ) .In 1941 US Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese in an effort of neutralizing the consequence of the US Pacific fleet to enable the Nipponese to entree Malaya and Dutch East Indies and therefore cod oil and gum elastic. This onslaught came as a rousing call to the oversight in enforcement of security by the US authorities and military agents which led to the formation of an intelligence community. The intelligence community was established in 1947 when the National security Act was enacted.It comprised executive subdivision bureaus that work together or individually to garner information refering US national security and foreign dealingss enabling the state to modify its protection strategies therefore keeping security and safety to the US citizens and the public assistance of the state. Precisely the intelligence community collects and entree information that will assist the authorities organic structure to execute its responsibilities and transport out its duties in respects to international terrorist act and narcotic activities for illustration ill will geared towards US by other foreign powers.

Most of the gathered information is non released to the general populace as it is perceived to be top governmental struggle secret arm ( Prados. 2006 ) . The twenty-first century introduced new demands because of globalisation which besides demanded the creative activity of an intelligent community that was good suited in executing its maps to offer relevant information that can be used by the US authorities organic structure to integrate the alterations into their security sweetening mechanisms.John Prados in his book entitled safe for democracy: the secret wars of the CIA ( 2006 ) . provides airy statements that supported the enterprise of constitution of a new intelligent community in regard to the instability of the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) organic structure discoursing the quarrels that had occurred between the CIA. Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) and other security bureaus which led to the oversight in the protection and care of the national security of US for case the 9/11 bomb onslaught on the twin towers.

Prados besides presents statements against this enterprise because CIA has played its function as a member of the intelligence community in the past successful assisting US to keep its national security and win most of the struggles that have ensued between the state and foreign organic structures ( Prados. 2006 ) . Critics that supported the inaugural argued on the fact that there was an intelligence failure which incapacitated the ability of the governmental organic structure in protecting and keeping the national security of US by leting terrorist to assail the state without the governmental body’s cognition.

The failure was related to the hapless direction philosophy that controlled the operations of the intelligent community. Therefore. it was proposed that all intelligent community bureaus were to hold similar direction rules that would supply them with one type of direction philosophy thereby holding a common conceptualisation on the construct of intelligent procedures. Most of these critics argued that the intelligence direction squad should be bureaucratic a fact that could merely be achieved by dividing the Director of Central Intelligent ( DCI ) from the CIA organic structure.Harmonizing to the critics the manager would therefore be able to efficaciously pull off. collect and entree information expeditiously thereby bettering the unity of the intelligent community because convergence of authorization and clip wastage would be reduced. This is because the involved intelligent community stakeholders would be holding common aims and rules ( Prados.

2006 ) . Those against the inaugural argued that altering the intelligence community would falsify the position quo a fact that is depicted by the failure of proposed reforms in an effort of modifying the construction and maps of the intelligent community.This group of persons argued that the lone alteration that the intelligent community required was internal alterations geared towards doing the intelligent community compliant with the advanced engineering. Harmonizing to the critics this would increase efficiency in supplying utile information to the US governmental organic structure thereby expeditiously controling frailties hindering the country’s national security such as terrorist act.This group of persons opposed the sentiment of dividing the DCI from the CIA controversy that the flow of information between the stakeholders of the intelligent community would be affected because the importance of the CIA would be ignored particularly by the FBI and the other bureaus that have fought over the old ages to overrule the maps of the CIA. Furthermore.

the group argued that creative activity of a new bureaucratic group would be clip devouring and a waste of the country’s of import resources such as capital therefore making a oversight in the protection and care of the US national security ( Prados. 2006 ) .The rise in this statement was attributed to the jobs and structural facets that were disabling the function played by the intelligent community. This death had affected the capableness of the US governmental organic structure to continue and protect the national security heritage of its state during the Cold war for illustration the US governmental organic structure failed to observe the Soviet Union acquisition of the atomic bomb. the Arab oil trade stoppage and the invasion of Saddam Hussein in Kuwait among others. The failure was largely contributed by the CIA organic structure which was politically influenced.

For case the USSR and China political leaders were able to command and pull strings maps of some of the CIA agents for illustration Aldrich Almes and his married woman who acted as their undercover agents. Furthermore. the FBI was non notified on the disagreement of Almes and his married woman a fact that helped the coaction of the CIA agents in the breach of US national security and failure. Furthermore. the CIA used the country’ capital resources which were scarce at the minute to construct a CIA headquarter in Virginia that was worth more than $ 300 million dollars without the consent of other members of the intelligent community and the governmental organic structure ( Prados.

2006 ) .The CIA and the National Security Agency ( NSA ) senior functionaries were in changeless power quarrels that curbed their cooperation and efficiency in executing their designated responsibilities for case when the CIA intentionally refused to indulge the NSA in their tunnel operations which occurred between the twelvemonth 1954 and 1956. The CIA besides planned invasions without the cognition of the US military which badly crumbled making loopholes in the national security care for case the onslaught CIA planned on Cuba in 1961.

This resulted to the increased attempts of the DIA to derive control over the intelligent organic structure in an effort of overturning the maps of the CIA in the 1970’s. This power control quarrel prevented the US governmental organic structure from detecting the prostration of the Soviet political power enhanced by the failure of the Soviet political economic system because US continued to pass an irrelevant immense sum of money explicating effectual defence mechanisms against USSR. This fact led to the economic ruin that US faced during the Great economic recession ( Prados. 2006 ) .


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