Intelligence testing analysis Essay

The first article I read ( Cognitive trial tonss in male stripling coffin nail tobacco users compared to non-smokers: a population-based survey ) studied the intelligence quotient of Israel Defense Force soldiers. Kravitz et. ( 2009 ) specifically looked at sibling braces where one of the two identified as a smoker/former tobacco user and the other didn’t. The research workers in the article did non take the clip to place intelligence or travel over the theoretical foundations behind the research.

The writers did admit that those in the research sample are of a higher quality than mean since all striplings in Israel “undergo a compulsory pre-draft screening… to determine their eligibility to function in the armed forces. The showing includes medical and psychiatric history conducted by a physician [ and ] intelligence proving. ” ( Kravitz et. 359 ) Therefore. those selected for the military do non endure from mental unwellnesss and the samples “does non include really hapless map persons. ” Two of the three articles I read investigated Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory.

Gardner defined intelligence as a “biological potency to treat information that can be activated in a cultural scene to work out jobs or make merchandises that are of value in a civilization. ” ( Furnham 229 ) . The first of the two ( Researching the Relationship of College Freshmen Honors Students’ Effort and Ability Attribution. Interest. and Implicit Theory of Intelligence With Perceived Ability ) researched the function attempt and ability drama in pupil endowment and success. In add-on to Gardner’s intelligence thory. Pollard et. ( 2010 ) besides incorporated the fixed entity theory and the ductile incremental theory.

The fixed entity theory describes intelligence as “stable and asserts that persons have small control over their intelligence” ( Pollard et. 93 ) and ductile incremental theory describes intelligences as “fluid. within an individual’s control” ( Siegle et. 93 ) . In the research sample of 149 awards freshers. it was found that there was a relationship between students’ involvement in an country and their skill appraisal in that country. The accomplishments and appraisals were based on Gardner’s multiple intelligences. but its was altered in that endowment countries were included and renamed for the interest of lucidity.

The concluding questionnaire had the undermentioned countries: “music. art. mathematics. athletic. dance. interpersonal. logical/reasoning. visual/spatial. linguistic communication acquisition. verbal. leading. scientific discipline. and overall academic” ( Pollard et. 96 ) . The research besides found that certain endowments were associated with attempt. such as dance. music and leading. while others were more strongly associated with ability. such as verbal. mathematics and logical/reasoning. They besides found that. at least among these honor pupils. it’s possible to see ability as an of import factor toward success without seeing intelligence as fixed.

The other one I read ( The Validity of a New. Self-report step of Multiple Intelligence ) addressed the cogency of intelligence testing and measurement by holding the research participants take several different intelligence trials. and so comparing the consequences amongst the trials. This research was performed to analyze three major contentions associated with multiples intelligences. “First. the extent to which they are inter-correlated to supply grounds of general intelligence. Second. how they can or should be measured ( i. e. whether penchant vs power trials could be used ) .

Third. whether such constructs as inter or intrapersonal intelligence could justifiably be described as an intelligence as opposed to a societal accomplishment or a personality trait. ” ( Furnham 227 ) Furnham ( 2009 ) used the Multiple Intelligence Test. the NEO Personality Inventory. the General Knowledge Test and the Study Process Questionnaire to happen correlativities among different intelligences and different personality traits. Furnham found that musical intelligence. from Gardner’s theory. correlated merely with Neuroticism and Openness. personality traits of the NEO Personality Inventory.

It was besides found that mathematical intelligence was positively correlated with high accomplishment on the General Knowledge trial. I thought this survey was really interesting. but that its sole usage of pupils as research participants was a defect. I think the consequences would hold been different if a wider scope of people were used and if the research were repeated. Overall. I think that intelligence testing is slightly effectual because. at least in the instance of the multiple intelligences. they demonstrate how much a individual can make but non needfully how smart the individual is.

I took the clip to take a short multiple intelligence trial on my ain and it ranked my top three intelligences as linguistics. intrapersonal and natural. The consequences said that even though the other five were low. I could work on bettering them. I do believe this is a small skewed because my musical intelligence. for illustration. is merely low because I haven’t played my clarinet in over four old ages. But I still retrieve all the notes. how to read music and have a strong remembrance of vocals and beats. The musical intelligence is merely low because I haven’t needfully worked on this intelligence for some clip.

Another job about the effectivity of intelligence proving the diction involved with the inquiries. One of the inquiries I came across in the short trial I took asked if I ‘love my pets. ’ If I own pets. of class I would love them. What sort of pet proprietor doesn’t love the pet he/she owns? A inquiry like that would ever earn a positive reply. possibly skewing the consequences. In decision. I think that intelligence testing is necessary in some instances but the procedures involved in mensurating intelligence demand further survey and betterment.


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