Intern Report on Sjibl Sample Essay

1. 1.

Beginning of the ReportThis study is prepared as an internship study which is a compulsory demand for successful completion of BBA plan under University of Rajshahi and which aims to reflect the professional position of existent universe working environment. This internship study is required to subject after carry throughing 90 yearss of working experience in an organisation as a trainee. I got proper supervising of my academic supervisor A K M Abdul Mazid. Professor. Department of Finance and Banking. University of Rajshahi throughout my internship period for the successful completion of the study titled “Assessing Customer Satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited ( Rajshahi Branch ) ”1. 2.

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AimsBroad ObjectiveThe aim of this survey is to find the customers‘ degree of satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. Rajshahi Branch sing with other non-conventional bank.Specific AimsMain aim of the survey is to happen out that whether clients of the bank are acquiring merely conventional Bankss services merely utilizing the name of Islam.Specific aims of the survey are as follows –? To measure the public presentation of SJIBL.? To cognize the satisfaction degree of clients of SJIBL as Islamic bank.? To measure the anterior cognition of peoples about Islamic Banking ;? Whether Islamic Banks are working purely harmonizing to the Shariah conformities ;? More specifically. to cognize the differences of client traffics between Islamic Banks and conventional Banks.1.

3. ScopeThe study trades with mensurating the satisfaction degree of the clients of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. Rajshahi Branch. These clients are the people who have account in this subdivision and with other conventional Bankss. The entire population is non covered here. It is based on sample study. Thus the satisfaction degree of the full clients of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited or any other subdivision of the bank is non measured here and these will non be a portion of the study.

The survey was conducted from 01st of February. 2012 to 30th of April. 2012. Thus the samples were selected from the clients who came to bank in during this clip period.

1. 4. Historical BackgroundThe Rajshahi Branch of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited started its journey at 5th November. 2008. Though a there were enterprises to mensurate the client satisfaction at the subdivision a twelvemonth ago. that was in its really first period and the Customer Satisfaction Index was non measured.

And as the satisfaction degree of customers‘ alterations. this study on the degree of customers‘ satisfaction will supply an option to compare the degree of satisfaction now with that of a twelvemonth earlier.1.

5. MethodologyIn order to carry on this internship study both primary & A ; secondary informations have been utilized. 1. 5. 1.

Primary Data CollectionPrimary informations are collected from:Interviewing the Customers with some specific questionnaire.Face-to-face conversation with the several officers and staffs.

1. 5.

2. Secondary Data CollectionThe secondary informations have been collected from:
? Annual and Half annual study of SJIBL? Relevant file survey provided by the officers concerned.? Published literatures. diaries.? Web site of SJIBL1.

5. 3. Data Analysis & A ; InterpretationSince this survey is explorative in nature.

a sample study of history holders in both sorts of Banks was the most appropriate method for informations aggregation. Even though more than 50 ( 50 ) persons were asked in this survey this would intend that the informations collected is supplying merely an estimate of the full population. Different sorts of questionnaires ( for Islamic Bank Account Holders and for Conventional Bank Account Holders ) were designed to analyse their perceptual experiences towards Islamic Banking in Bangladesh. Twenty five ( 25 ) peoples those who have account in SJIBL. Rajshahi Branch were asked to make full the first questionnaire to cognize their perceptual experience towards Islamic Banking.

The 2nd questionnaire was designed to cognize the perceptual experiences of those Twenty five ( 25 ) peoples who do non hold history with Islamic Bank. Different personalities from Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. Rajshahi Branch and other conventional bank history holders are interviewed. These Fieldworks were undertaken as a portion of my internship thesis on Islamic Banking during the month of March. April 2012.This work used informations aggregation direct from the client of the both sorts of Bankss.

paperss researches and interviews of the relevant governments. Fieldwork was conducted during the months of March and April of twelvemonth 2012. Although all answers were collected in forces at the allocated countries.

some answers were collected after the period prescribed above. The primary informations aggregation applied obtaining the information from peoples through filling of questionnaires. observation. and interview methods in. Local university pupils and friends of research worker have besides helped for this work.1. 6. RestrictionsThe restrictions of the study and the survey are follows:? The study has been conducted within a short clip frame.

? The survey is self financed.? Merely Rajshahi Branch of the bank has been considered for the survey.? The sample size does non stand for the entire population.? Samples were selected handily.? For the convenient of the survey non chance samples have been used.? All weights given are judgmental.? As clip frame was short and the whole survey was conducted by one individual there is opportunity of holding mistake in any phase of informations aggregation. informations entry.

informations forming. informations screening. informations proving. informations presentation.

reading of consequence. etc.1.

7. Acronyms & A ; Definitions• ATM- Automated Teller Machine• BOD- Board of Directors• CAMELS- Acronym of ?Capital adequateness. Asset quality.

Management. Net incomes. Liquidity and Sensitivity to market risk? . It is a supervisoryevaluation system of the bank’s overall status.

• C. B. – Conventional Bank

• CMSD- Capital Market Service Division• CRISL- Credit Rating and Information Services Limited • CS- Customer Satisfaction• CSI- Customer Satisfaction Index• CMT- Common Measurements Tool• CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility• PCB- Private Commercial Bank• SJIBL- Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited• SME- Small and Medium Enterprises

1. 8. Report PreviewAfter the introductory chapter the 2nd chapter covers the Islami banking construct and its application in Bangladesh.

Then chapter three covers the organisational profile which includes the mission. vision. slogan. organisational construction. divisions. capital construction. public presentation.

growing. merchandises & A ; services. etc.Chapter four is the research portion.

which focus the existent study subject. This subdivision covers the manner to carry on the survey. survey findings. And eventually chapter five screens qualitative findings and recommendations.


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