International Adoption Paperwork Essay

International adoption has been a growing factor over the last century. Orphans are being taken from their families and homes with or without permission from large agencies and private families from the united states. There are many pros and cons of International adoption and circumstances that come Into play when children are exported from their countries and taken In by many females here In the states.International adoption dates back to the early sass’s and since then thousands of organizations and agencies provide access for families to adopt children that are buffering from poverty, abandonment, or rough situations that could potentially be life threatening. International adoption is great in many ways because it provides care for children in need that are not being taken care of. In 2004, nearly 23,000 orphans were imported into the U.

S. By caring families waiting for a chance to help and take on a role to be a parent of an orphan from a different culture.Americans adopting orphans provide new opportunities through our education system and the skills to become successful, an unlikely trait If they would have continued to grow up n their circumstances.

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Most organizations provide a plan where you could completely adopt an orphan within a year. Since China has a one child per family limit most of the orphans In present times are coming from Chinese based Orleans. Since 2004, adoption numbers have nearly been cut in half due to the new regulations other countries are putting in place to slow down the illegal adoptions. In 2010, the number is likely to be fewer than ten thousand, and by 2013 below seven thousand.

In addition to the closing of several prominent sending nations, like Guatemala and Vietnam, others have cut back”(Seabrook 7). Since the restrictions that China has put in place the average wait time today for an orphan is 6 years. Now this could be viewed as a good thing for kidnapping reasons, however there are going to be many children in poverty and harsh living conditions that will be uncontrolled by America.There are a lot of positives to International adoption as long as the conditions are legal and children are brought back Into safe homes to which they feel comfortable and able to move on knowing their past. International adoption has many flaws and circumstances where it is either illegal or unfair for the children or families. There have been many cases of Americans Just flying over to places like Haiti and taking children home without permission from the families. It seems that they just see a child and instantly assume they are abandoned or not cared for.Imagine being the child taken away from your family even if you didn’t have much or your living conditions were poor you still will never see your parents or siblings again.

Like Seabrook article explained that if a hurricane struck the United States we wouldn’t want people from other countries taking our family members away Just because of the conditions during that time. It is the same situation for Halt during the massive earthquakes we even had celebrities adopting learning a new culture and taking on a whole new lifestyle.There has been lost of controversy over racism and how families are adopting children from different nationalities and the corruption of these families in the long run. For some agencies and organizations it is a money producing industry and when money is involved these agencies will go behind closed doors to make a dollar even if it is taking a child from a family without the parents knowing. Susan Bessel in the article “The Last ability” stated that she is against exploitation and the sales of babies.She is also against forced relinquishment and rather than adopting these children provide their families with better care. This would eliminate children learning a new culture and feeling out of place.

As far as my standpoint on international adoption, I believe it is very wrong in most circumstances. There are few exceptions like abandonment or mothers that basically admit they cannot take care of their children, therefore putting them up for adoption IS the right decision. There have been too many cases of kidnapping children and bringing them back to the U.

S. There has to be alternative options out there.If families are willing to put all the time, money, and effort into adopting children, there should be a way to provide for these kids in a different way. Not so much the money aspect, however sending care packages and common needs would help out tremendously. This would allow the children to grow up in their own culture and stay Ninth their blood throughout their life.

I also do not agree with celebrities adopting children to gain publicity. Since it is a huge money maker there should be more government funded agencies that are not necessarily in it to make money off of adopting kids from other countries.International adoption has seemed to slow down since the peak in 2004, however here are still many children being brought to America and finding new homes. No matter what perspective you look at there will always be a positive and negative side of adoption. Children should not be taken from their families if the conditions are safe or able to sustain normal living conditions and support. I believe we have saved many children in poverty or in need of a caring family.

As long as international adoption is monitored by non-profit organizations or the government than I believe it IS a very good thing for children with no hope.


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