International Cultural Integration By Ethan Gledhill My forces question is

International Cultural Integration
By Ethan Gledhill

My forces question is, in what ways do Hollywood movies affect national culture outside of the USA?

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Hollywood, there is no other place in the world that has the same drive to create some of the best movies and tv shows in the world. Hollywood is known throughout the world for the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign, and Universal studios but it has been put on the map for one reason only, it creates and spreads different cultures around the world through the art of movies.

How has it changed over time?
Since the first movie that came out of Hollywood, “Old California” the quality of films has been forever-evolving. Hollywood film industry has become a much faster-paced, highly competitive and high profits industry. Technology has to be the biggest change in Hollywood because the world is always moving forward, the first movies would use a tripod to film, to the Technicolor, to the Steadicam, and CGI.

Film promotion is promoting a movie before it is released to get the world ready and well informed of the upcoming movie. Film promotion generally includes advertising campaigns, merchandising, media and interviews with key people involved in the movie, like directors and actors, press releases and merchandising. Trailers are the biggest part of film promotion because it can summarise the movie into 2 minutes and can be watched on any electronic device around the world.

The role of Social Media in Film Marketing
Before social media, word of mouth was the only real way to share the cinematic experience with the world. But with social media, it has never been as easy to connect with other social circles, and to watch trailers together. As technology progresses, there have been newer and more modern ways of reaching the audience. Tv and the internet can reach and connect with every across the globe. Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phones are an essential role for the film being promoted. Billions of people around the world are connected and have a least one form of social media. An example of social media and film promotion is from the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that trailer got over 1 million views in the first 23 minutes of being released worldwide.

Case Study: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
In the beginning of the Winter Soldier, Steve meets military Veteran, Sam Wilson and he recommends the soundtrack of Marvin Gaye’s from the Trouble Man. Steve then pulls out a notebook and writes the idea down, on the list you can see other pop culture references on the list. It turns out to be 10 different version of the same list around the world, all having slightly different list. There’s one for united states/Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Korea, Russia and Latin America. The last four items on the list are the same but the top five are different and they have more in common with the country the film is showing in. for example, the British version features Sherlock (TV Show), the American version features ‘I Love Lucy’ (TV show) and the Australian version features Steve Irwin and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

This shows that Hollywood has embraced and is in tune with other cultures around the world by making a different version of the same list to show in different theatres. This would be to attract a wider audience which then leads to bigger profits.

How Hollywood movies have charged the world
Movies can introduce us to the world we couldn’t even imagine if we tried. Strangers become people we recognize. Unknown places become locations we long to go. Unfamiliar ideas suddenly have meaning. Movies can invoke change in one-persons mind, movies help people see the world in a different way, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. An example of this would be the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, this movie forces on the issues of global warming. Before it was released in 2006, global warming was already discussed by academics, government leaders and was covered on the evening news but only a third of people surveyed in American believed globe warming was a threat caused by humans. But once the movie came out, 85 percent of people in American believed that the earth was in real damage of global warming due to human impacts. And this led to politicians creating 15 new climate-related initiatives. This movie changed the mind of almost everyone in American and doing so this has led to the world having a cleaner environment.


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