Internet: Is the Information Valuable or an Overload? Essay

Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Nowadays, the word “internet” is widespread all over the world. It is pretty funny if someone says that what is the meaning of internet. Internet really have big impacts on the world and the human mind. And from my point of view, it adversely affects to people, to the society by creating problems which we have to look directly at and find the solutions.

Firstly, internet is the global information systems that people can access publicly includes the connections among computers. The amount of information is incredibly enormous and variety of types. It is said that internet bring the whole world to computer screen. However, those information aren’t always good for people.

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When people access internet, there are so many information that people approach and naturally they can harm for the human mind. In human body, there is a rule that when many information come, the brains begin to filter, in filter progress it will notice and remember something that is abnormal, special and emotional.Thus, the negative information will be absorbed faster. For examble, if there are two link in one page about education and sex, which do you choose? I think if you choose education link, you are different from almost others.

When there are a number of kinds of information, you will read those first and you will get nothing for your real life. You can be affected by that information although you know it’s not good but it breaks into you mind invisiblely and then influnces gradually from your thinking and your actions.In addition, there are some kinds of negative information like sex, reactionary, fake advertisements, etc. And if you aren’t conscious, you will be cheated easily by sophisticated tricks. Secondly, obviously we can see that manu young people cult off internet as an indispendable part in their life. One day without internet is extremely uncomfortable with them.

The big impacts of internet control their life like the impacts of president on America, internet controls by making them spend the whole day for sitting and looking at the screen of computer or phone. They waste time, money to use internet for laying, reading nonsense information. Actually, It’s only internet, the virtual world and it will never be real.

Instead of studying, working, many young people exist and not live anymore because they have no goals for life. Moreover, they not only lie their parents but also throw away the money their parents give. Additionally, sitting infront of the computer screen for a long time can make people hate doing exercise anymore, people are lazier and more negative, which cause bad influences to health. Finally, of course internet is very useful tool supporting to many jobs of human.You can get everything through internet in everywhere without visiting or you can contact with your close relatives from all over the world by signing in some social networking. Therefore, those useful tools can cause an bad effects by the ways people use internet. For instance, cheating in exam now is more dedicated due to internet.

Student use available documents in internet to have higher score and can’t work well in the future. In conclusion, internet is double edge sword to anyone using it. When it develops fast with society, their many problems that we have to face and solve to make it better and be a good tools for people.


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