Internet Marketing Essay

It was decades ago when scholars like Thomas (1998) started researches on the effectiveness of internet in the field of business and communication. Now, in the twenty first century, there exists a whole plethora of literature which explores the uses and effectiveness of electronic channels of communication in different field of business. The current chapter will explore the literature specifically related to use of e-commerce in electronic marketing and internet marketing. The literature review will move from general themes involving research areas under investigation.Major themes discussed with reference to academic literature include e-commerce, internet marketing, customer centricity, marketing strategies in the developing horizons of the global business and the factors affecting the success of these strategies. The first section of the chapter is aimed to explore the above described general issues in internet marketing and effectiveness of internet marketing in the business settings while the second section is about the validity and application of classical marketing theories in the field of e-commerce.

Internet Marketing: Branding and E-Business Navarro et al (2010) reported that a large majority of the firms involved in international business constitute the major proportion of the active users of internet marketing and e-commerce. Call it necessity or call it tactic, internet marketing has became one of the essential set of tools to be used by all the organizations and the international and global organizations as well.Sheth, Sethia and Srinivas (2011) stated that in order to execute a real and objective customer centric approach and to stay competitive in the e-marketplace, organizations have to come up with innovative marketing and communication channels and should not left any stone unturned. Both Navarro et al (2010) and Sheth, Sethia and Srinivas (2011) reported the use of social networking media as one of the most contemporary marketing techniques where email marketing is still one important tool. The use of mobile marketing has also been stated as an e-marketing strategy by some scholars such as Crittenden et al (2011).However, the discussion in this section will focus only on the internet marketing modes including email marketing and social media marketing as two major themes of discussion. In addition to the customer centric marketing, one of the ways in which internet marketing is being used by organizations is promoting the organizational corporate social responsibility (CSR) moves. This aspect of internet marketing, though out of the scope of this research, is also discussed in this section.

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