Interpersonal Communication Essay

The conversation of Paula and Mike is an example of interpersonal communication since it involves two people. In the dialogue, it was not mentioned there that there was any kind of noise or barrier that could prevent Mike from hearing and understanding what Paula had said. There was no problem In the means of communication or the channel and even the setting or environment where the communication occurred. Both of them, according to the conversation, are in good condition (no physical maladies). The transmission of message from Paula to Mike was successful.The response or feedback of Mike in the sent message was also successful.

All the components of communication were there. What went wrong was the way Mike responded to Pula’s problem. The purpose of Paula in sharing her problem in Trigonometry with Mike was that she wanted to be relieved and comforted but unfortunately, this was not achieved. In the conversation, It seemed that Mike “grabbed the spotlight”. In terms of listening, Mike was not an active and emphatic listener.

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First, as an active listener, Mike should show that he is truly interested in what Paula was telling him.He should be active In checking out his understanding of the message before responding. Mike should have made a conscious effort to hear not only the words that Paula was saying but more importantly, try to understand the message being sent.

In order to accomplish this, he must pay attention carefully. What happened was he Immediately shared his situation Instead of asking and responding first to Pula’s problem. He should have reflected on the situation first before sharing his. Active listening is helpful in building rapport between the source and receiver.This s in connection with communication as both international and transactional. In the conversation, it happened.

They took turns In talking and had a simultaneous exchange of communication. While Paula was talking, I’m sure that Mike was talking of what to say. What went wrong was his answer in mind in response to Pula’s statement. Maybe he really did not think well of what to answer before responding but what he did was unintentional. In my opinion, I think Mike did not intend to offend Paula In a way that she would lose her Interest In sharing.

It Is Just that maybe Mike did not think twice.Second, as an emphatic listener, Mike should comfort Paula In her problem and help her lessen the burden she was feeling. He should be more sensitive and he should bear in mind that when someone is talking about their own problem, one must think carefully of what to answer. He should realize that Paula needed comfort at that time. Paula was expecting to be relieved but Mike was not able to sense her problem. With his response to Pula’s statement, “Okay, but I’m In big trouble. How about you? ‘ It seemed that he did not feel or experience her situation.

Empathic listening is not Just sieve listening.Mike was supposed to put himself in her shoes in order for him to 1 OFF offer in order to make her feel better but with what happened, Paula lost interest in sharing her problem. This could be noticed in Pula’s answer at the end of the conversation. When Mike asked her problem, Paula said “Never mind, I’ll Just tell you later.

” If I were in Pula’s shoes, I would feel disappointed with the response because I was expecting something. It hurts to know that the person you are telling your problem to is more excited to share his own experience rather than to comfort you to aka you feel better.Communication is a system meaning it is a group of interrelated parts that affect one another. If one or some parts are affected, the whole system is affected too. In the conversation, the response was not proper in the situation because he did not actively and emphatically listen.

One of the purposes of communication, which is to relate is destroyed too in this conversation. The sharing experience could have been deeper, more meaningful and could have built a better relationship between Paula and Mike if he Just practiced being a good listener and respond properly.It could have become a mutual exploration between the two. In listening, it is important that the receiver not only hears the word but also understands it and responds properly.

The receiver should pay attention and should show to the speaker that he/she is actively and emphatically listening especially if the topic is about problems. Without the proper response of the receiver, the sender may lose his/her interest in sharing more Just like what happened in the conversation. This may result to an unsuccessful communication between the sender and the receiver.


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