Interpretation Project Essay

So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” (Lucas, New Kings James Version).

Jesus shares Insight for humanity prior to HIS return, In efforts that mankind may be prepared to receive the Lord and not be deceived. If people use consideration when interpreting God’s meaning and not personal interpretations, the true message can be revealed. According to Journey into God’s Word, “We believe that the way to approach the Bible (I.

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E. , the way we listen to God) should match how God gives us the Bible (I. E. , chose to speaks’ (Devalue & Hayes, 2008, p. 0). This short story ay be viewed as Jesus being Like a thief and coming at an unexpected time; discovered.

Jesus provides all humanity with the necessary preparations for the end times. Jesus reveals His love and concern for humanity by revealing signs of the tribulation. “Nation will rise against nation… There will be famines and earthquakes.

.. ” (Matt. 24:7). These are given in efforts to bring awareness that until these pass, the end is not here. Jesus will be returning at an unknown day, hour, and season. His return is not even known to “.

.. Angels, nor the Son, only the Father” (Matt.

4:36). He includes warnings and precautions. Jesus warns against false teachings, and prophets that will arise and claim to be the messiah.

Man is to be cautious that he is not lead astray by the “thief” that will come to deceive. Jesus uses the parable of the thief and the master of the house. If mankind knows when His return will be, man would most likely live in darkness until the time approached. Then deception would be avoided by waiting for the very day and hour of His return and many may not accept Him until the last minute and not spread the Gospel until the end times.As stories are mentioned, people read the parable regarding the fig tree and fleet on the prophecy spoken in Daniel; these are pieces of the armor of God to keep the “elect” from being deceived by the true deceiver. “So when you see standing in the holy place the abomination that causes desolation’..

. ” (Matt. 24:15,). People who know God will know this is the “thief” that has come to steal salvation. As many become like the parable of the fig tree, they become fruitless and the Word of God will have been spoken and not heard. This is when the time to watch that The Lord will be arriving soon after these things has been fulfilled.He then shares with us the story of Noah.

This story is included to reveal the swiftness of His return. Any who have lived an ungodly life “as determined by the Son of Man” will be cast among the hypocrites (Matt. 24:51). Jesus desires humanity to accept the gift of salvation and live unto Him; only by adhering to these warnings can mankind be prepared for the Lord’s return.


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