Intership Report Essay

Usually interns have a supervisor who assigns specific tasks and evaluates overall performance of interns.

1. 2 Organization Selection and Placement Shania Bank Ltd was selected to provide us a perfect platform for career growth and development. It gave us an opportunity to learn about banking and financial industry and even about core functioning of commercial bank. To understand the different departments in bank, I get opportunity to acquire knowledge from two departments I. E. Customer Service Department and Credit Department.

It has provided us an opportunity for a meaningful career related experience in a real organizational setting before we graduate. Well I have tried to discover as much as possible about both departments. 1. Purpose of Internship * To help us to broaden the understanding of banking activities and its various procedures. * To provide practical knowledge about the working procedure of the organization and enables us to reconcile the differences in theoretical knowledge and practical environment.

* To allow us to meet and learn from professionals in the field and develop a network of contacts. To learn as much as possible from he members of the bank through good and friendly relationship. * To Increase communication skills and interpersonal skills. 1. Duration As being a student of Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance specialization it is important tort us to increase knowledge and skills about banking and financial industry. So, in order to get experience and to know about real working environment, our college with Shania bank decided to provide us with one month internship in order to get knowledge and even to utilize our holidays. In Shania Bank, I was placed in two important departments within one month duration.Name of Department Duration I Customer Service Department | 2 Weeks I Credit Department(Business Banking) | 2.

5 Weeks I Chapters-illumination Of Shania Bank Ltd 2. 1 Introduction Of Shania Bank Ltd Shania Bank was established as a national level development bank in 2004 with the vision to immobile and utilize resources for national development, was promoted by Non Residents Napalm’s (NOR). It was upgraded into “A” class commercial bank on 15th February 2012 by making it’s paid up capital stands at RSI 2. 02 billion after issuing right shares on the basis of 1 :1. 5 and bonus shares in order to increase UAPITA required.After being upgraded as commercial bank it has presented itself as a strong & reliable bank in Nepal. At present, Shania Bank is operating altogether 26 branches providing banking facilities to people covering both rural and urban areas of Nepal.

Head office of Shania Bank is situated in Nary Choir, Nasal, Katmandu where there are all departments. AMAH is the brand ambassador for this bank. This bank is committed to fulfill the financial requirements of the people from different walk of life. It is providing modern banking facilities in safe and sound manner. 2. Omission of the BankTo provide banking and financial solutions in a simplified way with customer focus while adding value to stakeholders interests 2.

Capital Composition Authorized capital: RSI Issued capital: paid up capital: 2. Shareholders Pattern Promoters: 51% General Public: 49% 2. Aboard of Directors Name I Designation I Mr.. Jib Laminate I Chairman I Mr.. Binary Kumar Sheerest I Director Mr.

. Ram Krishna Shah I Director I Mr.. Samba Lama I Director I Mr.. Mashes Chummier Director I Mr. Brat Kumar Poker I Director 2.

Management Team Kumar Lams I Chief Executive Officer I Banana Kumar Dahl I Deputy Chief Executive Officer ITEX Buddha Chain I Deputy Chit Executive Officer Bobby Sings Gastrula I Head-Central Operations & Head-HER I Pawn Kumar Chary I Head-Credit Risk Retail I Sartor Guarani I Head-Treasury Front Office, Finance & Planning I Sugar Kumar Tape I Senior Relationship Manager I Reason Chancre Augusta I Head-Deposit Management I August Mandarin I Senior Relationship Manager I Samara Jung Armchair I Head-support Services I Shill Rattan Backyard I Head-Information Technology I Naira Dakar I Head-Internal Audit I Sabina Sheerest I Head-Trade Finance I Radar Banana I Company Secretary& Head -Share I 2. Simian NetworkThe head office of Shania Bank Ltd is situated in “Alizarin”, nasal, Katmandu where I got opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge and skills from banking professionals. Altogether Shania Bank has 26 branch offices covering most of the part of Nepal. Its branch offices are at Damask, Narrowed, Samaritan, Pokka, Marrying, Inward, Bellary, Napalming, Bipartisan, Butyl, Hothead, Burning, Deadheading and so on. 2.

Products and Services offered by Shania Bank Ltd Deposit Products * Shania Current Account * Shania Usual Deposit * Shania Premium Saving * Shania Nair Backchat * Shania Prime Saving * Shania Fixed Deposit Man Backchat Chat * Sir.Citizen Savings * Shania Salary Saving * Shania Commitment Saving * Shania Fishes Backchat Chat * Shareholder Saving Loan Products * Term Loan * scan-an SIBS * Shania Auto Loan * Personal Loan * Education Loan * Shania Gold Loan * Shania Manpower Loan * Shania Home Loan * Overdraft/Working Capital * Commercial Vehicle * Shania Tractor and Agro Equipment Loan Services


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