…… is shown in in Craig Silveys Novel ‘Jasper Jones’, through the themes nature of reality, identity and racial discrimination. The novel highlights Australians attitudes of the 1960’s towards foreigners and Indigenous people. The ideas portrayed through Silveys use of language techniques challenges the values, beliefs and attitudes towards the themes explored.

Paragraph 1 – nature of reality:
Truth is defined as something which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. Charlie and jasper throughout the novel discover that reality can be a very complicated concept. They also learn that people in Corrigan choose to lie because sometimes its easier then telling the truth. This is shown in the quote “like when you first realise that there is no such thing as magic. Or that nothing actually answers your prayers, or really ever listens” This quote uses _________ to show how they discover that not everything you hear you must believe and shows the boys realising reality. Another example of the nature of reality in the novel is “People just kind of used what they saw around them, and made it up from there”. This uses __________ and shows the realisation of how people lie or make up stuff rather then telling or finding out the truth.

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Paragraph 2 – Identity:
Ones identity is the soul characteristic that defines an individual, their personality, interests, values and their role in society. Identity is defined as the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. Identity is shown in ‘jasper jones’ through the impacts of such an experience and the change of an individuals perspective. This is shown through the quote “I matter. And I know I’ll be aright. Because I’ve got a good heart, and f**k this town for making me try to believe otherwise”. This quote shows how Jasper see’s himself and how he matures because he realised the town was trying to shape his identity for him.

Paragraph 3 – Racial discrimination:
Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed abasing someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. The town of Corrigan and their negative attitudes towards Jasper and Jeffrey Lu are an example of this. This is shown where the town labels jasper as a “thief, a liar, a thug, a truant… a feral and an orphan”. This shows cumulative listing as it lists all the towns negative thoughts of Jasper due to his Indigenous background and uses an elipsis. It shows the modern stereotypes the town of Corrigan thinks of Aboriginals and foreigners. Another example of racial prejudice throughout the novel is shown in the quote “They reckon I’m just half an animal with just half a vote”. This uses colloquial language and shows how Corrigans views towards Jasper are twisted by their prejudice and values towards aboriginals. Both quotes clearly shows the stereotypes and racism shown towards Jasper and Indigenous Australians. While an individual should not have to prove themselves to a “white” community, Silvey does show that whites can overcome their attitudes on racism by respecting and admiring others for their actions.


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