Intro to humanities test Essay

Which term describes the line of kings under Charlemagne? Carolingian 2. ) During the High Middle Ages, the most important center for education became the University of Paris. True 3. ) Relics were sacred religious items that became an important aspect of spiritual and economic tradition for the Church. True 4. ) Which artist is credited as being responsible for bridging the gap between the Byzantine and Renaissance styles? Ghetto 5. ) Charles the Great created a system of education known as: The 5 says 6. The Haggis Sophia is the holy site where Charles the Great was crowned. False 7. ) The Great Schism began with the election of Pope Charlemagne. False 8. ) Who was the most influential Scholastic philosopher, influenced by Aristotle philosophy? 9. ) “Exodus” refers to the Old Testament story of Moses and literally means: going out 10. ) The Great Schism was a war between England and France, primarily about land disputes, which lasted for 116 years. False 1 1 .

Patriarch was the author of both the Secretes and Canterbury Tales. False 12. ) The “Summary Theological” was written by which author? Aquinas 13. ) Dante was the author of which of the following? (select all that apply) Inferno, Divine Comedy, Paradises 14. ) The New Testament Greek term for “one who is anointed” Is “Christ. ” True 15. ) Which of the following are examples of early Christian symbols/imagery? (select all that apply) Fish, Anchor, Olive branch 16.

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The Rule of Saint Benedict was established to regulate: the papacy 17. ) Chartres, Salisbury, and Notre Dame are examples of Gothic cathedrals. True 18. ) The Abbey of Saint Denis Is considered the first example of Gothic architecture True 19. ) Which of the following are examples of literary figures from the Middle Ages? Chauncey, Dante, Bursars 20. ) Which of the following are examples of Gothic architecture? Pointed arches, gargoyles, flying buttresses, stained glass


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