Introduction The Republic of Mozambique has been undergoing a continuous struggle for economic development

The Republic of Mozambique has been undergoing a continuous struggle for economic development. Mozambique has been trying to generate wealth, has made revisions in foreign exchange and fiscal policies.
However, the country is still considered one of the least developed countries in the world.
Sustainable rural development of utmost importance to a country as Mozambique, in which, the majority of the population of is concentrated in rural areas. Unfortunately, unemployment in these areas is directly related to other problems of economic development such as illiteracy and poverty.
Mozambique has eleven provinces, and one hundred and fifty-four districts. Its cultural diversification is vast and culture plays an essential role in the development of a country. As a first attempt, the project will be implemented in Gurué, a district situated in the province of Zambézia, where coffee, tea and fruit plantations are its main economic activities.
Therefore, the purpose of this project proposal is to generate sustainable employment for the community in Gurué, based on the talent they have in the artisanal area.
If the project prospers, it will be implemented in other remote districts of Mozambique.


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The project focus on the most underprivileged communities in rural areas.
The project aims at inculcating community building with its objective of handicraft development in rural areas.
The other main objectives of the project are as follows:
• Increase the recognition of rural artisanal work as work experience
• Develop the quality of their previous products
• To encourage group spirit, innovativeness, and skill upgradation.
• Create on them, a spirit of community
• Improve their socio-economic quality of life

Project area: District of Gurué, province of Zambezia.
Target group: Skilled or unskilled Adult/ youth artisans of the community, (male, female).
Note: The project is considerably open to all members of the community who wish to learn how the various perspectives of art.


The strategies adopted for the better functioning of the project proposal are as follows:
a) Establishment of a sustainable handicraft micro industry, so that artisans develop team work and mostly important, their skills.
b) There will be a four-month training course of handcrafting to encourage other community members that does not know how to handcraft. In addition, they will also learn to get connected and bargain with the tourists that might visit them.
c) Domestically, the items produced by the artisans will be sold in galleries, flea markets.
d) To promote their items in applications like eBay Amazon.
The main goal is to expand and supply the items overseas: Create a website or an online portal advertising their products in a unique manner to international markets, so that their hard work gains relevance in the marketplace.


The Creation of employment in rural areas is essential and urgent because a significant part of a country’s population lives in those areas.
The project proposal will significantly reduce unemployment in the rural areas and will help to bring and develop more creativity and innovation in the minds of the community.
In the long run, it might also reduce poverty within the community and hopefully have a positive impact in the education of the children, when artisans decide to enrol their children in schools nearby.


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