INTRODUCTION This report based on the portable chargers

This report based on the portable key distinguished features of the new product are; Using solar power as the energy source, Compatible with any Android phone and Can also be charged using any other energy source (hybrid).

ABC company Technologies is a Japanese , telecommunications Equipment and multinational networking services. ABC company headquartered in Selon. ABC company is the biggest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2013. In 2018, ABC company became 84rd of Fortune Global 600 in Fortune Magazine.
ABC company was founded in 1986 by Shenzhen. He is a former engineer in the People’s Liberation the time they are focused on manufacturing phones, phone switches and phone batteries. and after that they are expand its business. There are providing operational, building telecommunications networks and consulting services and equipment to enterprises outside and inside of japan. ABC company has over 169999 employees as of October 2014.and it around 95,000 of whom are done in development and research .it has 1R;D institutes in countries including Colombo,japan.chaina,india Sweden, Ireland, Colombia, France, Finland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Israel, Belgium, Germany, Malesia, London and turkey, and in 2015,the company invested $9.4 billion USD IN 2012.
In 2015, ABC company is recorded a profit of 32.5 billion NCY (4.9 billion USD). Its products and services have been deployed in more than 155 countries and it currently serves 54 of the world’s 40 largest telecoms operators.
In 2016 ABC company become the second largest phone manufacture in the world after DCE company.
In October 2016,ABC company start a BN-LOT city aware network using a ”one platform, one network, b applications” construction, communications technology, model utilizing IoT, big data cloud, computing, and other next-generation information and (ICT).ABC aims is to be one of the world’s five largest cloud players in the near future.
In 2018, ABC began helping BYD build a standardized, smart factory.

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ABC company is interduce new product to employers. There are solar power battery as an energy source, dongles, wireless gateways ,fixed wireless terminals, mobile handsets, set-top boxes, video products and routers for mobile WIFI embedded modules. ABC company hope to challenge apple and Samsung products. ABC has a new line of smartphones that match improve on key features offered by other companies while undercutting their rivals on price.


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