Introduction to shopping hierarchy in North West London Essay

I am going to try to find out if there is a shopping hierarchy in North West London.My coursework is going to be carried out in 4 different shopping areas that I chose in North West London.So is there a shopping hierarchy in North West London?With my predictions I hope to show that different shops in North West London have different locations. Some has better transport connections.

I also hope to shows that different high order, middle order and lo order shops focus on different products and their prices and how does the size of shopping area affect the products and their services.Below is my 5 hypothesis. A hypothesis in other words prediction is about what I expect to find put while doing my investigation.Hypothesis 1There are more high order shops in Brent-Cross than in Edgware Broadwalk shopping centre.Hypothesis 2High order shops such as Brent-Cross and Edgware shopping centres area tidier than Pennine Drive and Golders Green.

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Hypothesis 3Most people visit the shopping area from a short distance. (Near where they live)Hypothesis 4People will spend more time in Brent-Cross shopping centre than in Golders Green.What is a shopping hierarchy?Shops can be placed into a hierarchy based on the services they provide. At the bottom of the hierarchy are small shops selling low order, convenience goods (e.g. bread and milk).

At the top are the shops selling high order goods (e.g. furniture and electrical goods).The example of shopping hierarchy is below:Below is my shopping hierarchy that I have drawn and inserted my 4 different shopping places. Below are the geographical keywords that I am going to use throughout my investigation.

Service/Services- economists divide the products of all economic activity into two broad categories, goods and services. Industries that produce goods (tangible objects) include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and construction. Service industries include everything else: banking, communications, wholesale and retail trade, all professional services such as engineering and medicine, all consumer services, and all government services.High order- Usually this is a large shopping centre’s which provide high and low order goods and services.Middle order- This is a medium sized shops or services which provides medium and low order goods. Examples: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda.Low order- This is corner shops (small shops) that provide low order goods such as bread and milk.

Sphere of InfluenceThe sphere of influence of a service is how far people will travel to make use of that service. A primary school, which is a low order service, will have a smaller sphere of influence than a secondary school which is a middle order service. People are willing to travel a long distance to get to a high order service (e.g.

Harrods shop in London) and it therefore has a very large sphere of influence.Settlements as a whole can also be said to have a sphere of influence. People will usually only travel a short distance to a hamlet (e.g. Levenwick in Shetland) but will travel further to a town (Lerwick in Shetland).Reasons for choosing my hypothesis:I think that there are more high order shops in Brent-Cross than in Edgware Broadwalk because of the size of settlement and also of the facilities.Shopping centres such as Brent-Cross and Edgware are cleaner and tidier because they have lots more facilities that they can use unlike low order shops such as Pennine Drive and Golders Green.

Most people visit the shopping area nearby they live, because they have a good access. Those who live far might find other shops and shopping centres around theirs area and will not need to go to shopping centre such as Brent-Cross.I feel that people are going to spend more time in Brent-Cross than in Golders Green because in Brent-Cross they have wider range of shops and services, so people will spend more time walking between the shops and looking at its goods.These are the maps of my 4 study areas:Now I am going to describe each of the 4 study areas that I’ve chose.Pennine DriveThis shopping area is located in NW2 London. It is close to A41- Hendon Way- main route in and out of London.Nearest tube stations within 1 mile are Brent Cross (around 24 minutes to the North) and Golders Green.

Also the location has Cricklewood over ground station.The shops that Pennine Drive has are mainly low order shops. The shops were built in the 1930s to serve newly built housing estates called the Pennine estate (residential area).Generally, Pennine Drive has small shops because they were built a long time ago.Pennine Drive has 15 shops including Post Office, Pennine Wines, and Commercial Cleaning Service.Shops in Pennine Drive have flats above them and shopping area is surrounded by houses and it is mainly the family area.Around Pennine Drive there are local parks and schools. It has limited car parking outside the parade.

There are some bus stops around the area.Golders GreenGolders Green is an area located in North West London (NW11). It is a suburban development and retail district situated 5.

3 miles (8.5 km) north west of Charing Cross and centred on the cross roads of Golders Green Road and Finchley Road.Golders Green is a very cosmopolitan district. It has had a prominent Jewish community since the 1900s.The up market area boasts top quality restaurants exhibiting cuisines from all over the world, from the obvious choice of kosher food restaurants (notably “Bloom’s”) to Thai, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Italian eateries. These are complemented with over a dozen coffee bars.There are number of synagogues and schools in the area, with one of the best schools in the borough of Barnet, Henrietta Barnett School, found in Hampstead Garden Suburb.Golders Hill Park adjoining Hampstead Heath is a formal park in Golders Green.

The site of a large house which burnt down in the 1930s, it has a walled garden, ponds, a water garden and a small children’s zoo.The zoo has been renovated and contains many varieties of birds and other animals. The park also contains a cafe and an ice-cream bar.Brent CrossBrent Cross (also know as Brent X) in London is best known as the first shopping centre of its kind to be built in the UK. Situated on the North Circular between the southern terminus of the M1 motorway and the Brent Cross Flyover in the London Borough of Barnet and taking its name from the River Brent which runs through the site.

Brent Cross was advertised by agency Baber Smith with a “Feed Your Addiction” campaign. Under head of marketing Norman J Black between 2002 and 2006 Brent Cross won 11 awards for its marketing, events and promotional activities.* 6,500 car parking spaces. Easy access by bus, tube and train* Brent Cross is a NO SMOKING Centre* The Centre is climate controlled for the comfort of shoppersBrent Cross has the largest bus station in Barnet, served by 13 routes from all over north and central London and south Hertfordshire, so there should be one that’s convenient for you.

Routes: 102, 112, 113, 142, 143, 182, 186, 189, 210, 232, 266, 326 and C11.Edgware Broadwalk Shopping CentreThe Mall, or The Mall Broadwalk (TMB), formerly known as The Broadwalk, is a shopping centre located in Edgware, London. It is owned by The Mall Company. The Mall Broadwalk is a single storey shopping centre and holds over 30 shops including Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, New Look, Top shop Burtons, Bay, and Evans, as well as public toilets and baby changing facilities.It is principally a shopping and residential area and is known by those who regularly use the London Underground as being one of the northern termini of the Northern Line.Nearby tube stations* Edgware tube station* Burnt Oak tube station* Canons Park tube stationI am going to collect my data in order to test my 4 hypothesis.I am going to do this by giving questionnaires for people in the shops and shopping centres to fill in on their opinions on why they shop at these shops or shopping centres.I’ll know the shops in these areas because in Brent Cross the shops will be marked onto a base map.In Edgware Broadwalk the shopping centre has a base map as well.However, in Golders Green or Pennine Drive I am going to use the internet and other sources and my own knowledge to find out numbers of shops in there.


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