introduction to sustainability and green issues report report on depletion of natural resources by team no

introduction to sustainability and green issues report report on depletion of natural resources by team no.: team members student id ng chu wen 1852000 jolie ng jing en 1817599 ashley poi jia yi 1835421 yu jin wei 1801455 in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the module be0101: introduction to sustainability and green issues is&gi report lecturer: mrs goh chor luan submission date: 22 november 2018 word count: contents list of illustrations figures: figure 1: hotspots identified by nasa where depletion of freshwater is in danger. figure 2: graph shows future energy reserves of coal gas and oil. figure 3: areas in india facing high to extreme water stress. figure 4: special tap with two valves. figure 5: process of reclamation of newater. figure 6: distribution of total electricity generation in the united states between 2007 and 2017 by fuel type used. figure 7: installation of solar panels on rooftops of houses in australia. figure 8: how a wind turbine works. introduction natural resources are materials that occur in the natural environment without the actions of humanity. they consist of renewable resources and non-renewable resources. the depletion of either of these natural resources is due to the usage of these resources being faster than it can be replenished and this is done largely by humankind. some of the natural resources that are undergoing depletion include minerals oil forests wetlands water wildlife etc. with the increasing population of humankind earths current total amount of resources is definitely not enough for us to sustain in the long run. every year 55 billion tons of of biomass fossil energy metal and minerals are being extracted from the world and this number keeps increasing every year the world counts 2018 humanity has already used up multiple times the amount of natural resources that are required by earth to be sustainable. the depletion of natural resources is this one of the most alarming problems of the world to date. among the natural resources that are being used up faster than we can replenish the two fastest ones are water and fossil fuels.


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