Imagine, when walking into a space which has single colored walls -grey, low technical ceiling, the same old type of desks and chairs, the long dark hallways, would you be able to stay in there and work? Would you be able to give your best in there? The answer is probably no. we behave situationally; we are social beings. We need an environment to create and bring out the best in us. Therefore, a physical or an architectural transformation of a workplace can serve as a catalyst to bring about changes that can foster employee efficiency and effectiveness. (Stegmeier, 2008)Creative industries are mostly at the vanguard of workplace design.

Despite such design innovations today born in the Silicon Valley workplaces where employees bike around the huge office premises or sit on a beanbag with a laptop and a customized headphone, innovative workplaces may be hindered and not foster their employees’ innovative, creative, cognitive abilities to flourish. It is easily skipped to consider while creating innovative workplaces that they are architectural expressions of broader social, cultural, economic and demographic stimulus. And simultaneously, the ambition to remain a vanguard of today’s competitive economic market, leaders of industry and their architects drive down the path of creative experimentation in design. In doing so, the last decade of design industry has illustrated a shift from the form of the space and more towards the character of the space embracing the core values aimed to help people flourish under new economic and demographic conditions.The last decade also assigned the architects and the designers to redesign spaces that do more than simply house innovative work-oriented activities. Their goals are also expanding to create communities, facilitate collaborations and create serendipitous encounters. Importantly, not only employees are cuddling to these designs but the business world in various disciplines are also adopting and expanding these innovative workplaces.

The demand of spaces for creative, innovative thinking is increasing at a rapid pace. Every organization is willing to create the innovative workplace for their employees which fosters them to perform their best and benefit the organization’s economy and build an innovative corporate culture. To achieve this is not easy for any architect or designer as innovative workplaces are perceived as multiple dimensions integrated aiming to support innovative activities. 


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