ionizing equipment

Ionization is the process in which an atom or a molecule eithergains or loose electrons and acquires a negative or positive charge to formions. On the basis of product type, ionization equipment market is segmentedinto Ionizing Air Snake, Ionizer Blow Gun, Fan Overhead Ionizer. Ionizing air snake neutralizes electrostatic charge in sensitiveareas, packaging, clean areas and labs. It is provided with adjustable neck ofthe ion snake which makes it an exceptional unit for work stations with tinyspaces.

 Ionizer blow gun is a lightweightand static charge eliminator, effective spot cleaner. It combines fast staticdecay rates with low compressed air consumption. It is ideal way to removestatic charge, contaminants and dust from three dimensional objects, packaging,painting or finishing. Air ionization neutralizes static charge generatedduring the manufacturing process or during transport to final test andassembly. Neutralization of static charge improves  yield of production and the quality of theproduct. Also it substantially reduces or eliminates the damaging effects ofelectrostatic discharge, reduces the attraction of dirt and particles on thesurface of the product.On the basis of end users or applications,ionization equipment market is segmented into plastic and packaging industry,food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental industry andmany others.

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Geographically, global ionization equipment market covers regions NorthAmerica, Europe, Asia Pacific. North America dominated the global ionizationequipment market, followed by Europe and Asia. North America is expected toaccount for the largest share of the market, while Asia is projected to thehighest growth rate during the forecast period. Key factors responsible for growthin this region are rising number of geriatric population, significant economicgrowth in China and India and improving healthcare infrastructure in Asiancountries. 


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