Ipad Mini Research Essay

Ipad miniNowadays, the demand of using tablet as a replacement of laptop is increasing. This is because the tablet can perform the computer task, extremely mobility and also providing a longer lasting battery life. Here, I introduce a mobile computing devices which will bring the user experience of using tablet to a whole new stage. The iPad Mini is a mini tablet computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.

ipad mini can function as a Entertainment mobile devices Watching movie, surfing internet, listen to music, taking photo, playing games Ipad mini also a useful Education devicesWith iPad, the classroom is always at your fingertips. Right now at the App Store, there are thousands of apps available to download. Students can track their assignments, take notes, and study for finals. Teachers can give lessons, monitor progress, and stay organised. And that’s just the beginning. Pages is a powerful word processor with simple-to-use layout tools and a large onscreen keyboard.

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Keynote, it’s easy to create presentations with stunning animations and effects. And Numbers lets students and teachers build compelling, attractive spreadsheets in minutes, including tables and charts.Besides that , it is also a powerful business devices .Perfect fit for business With iOS 6 and thousands of business apps, iPad transforms the way you work. Every iPad comes with an amazing suite of apps built in. Used by business professionals everywhere, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Safari, Reminders and more. * With its advanced design, breakthrough technology and ultrafast wireless, iPad is ready to work.

* View your business on the best mobile display ever and download business documents and files at amazing speeds.* iPad is highly secure from the moment you turn it on. Device policies, restrictions and strong encryption methods in iOS provide a layered approach to protecting proprietary, business-critical information. At this point, u may ask, there are so many other tablet that have the same function as ipad mini. So, what make it so special and difenrenct from other. Now, I introduce you some key feature of ipad mini that make it so unique and magnificent. First is the disign At just 7. 2 millimetres, it’s pencil thin and unbelievably light.

3 You can easily hold it in your palm.And stash it in your smallest bag without a second thought, so it’s always close at hand. And also with the weight of 308 g make it lighter than other table and also the original ipad. * Perfectly sized LED-backlit display. * 7. 9-inch LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology.

* The ips technology allow you to view the screen clearly from all angle. * With the resolution of 1024 * 768. It basically put the resolution of an lcd tv to a 7. 9inc device. * View web pages in Safari. See where you are and what’s around you using Maps.

Flick through your photos and watch videos in vivid detail. Apps Straight out of the box, iPad mini is ready for big things. Map out your next adventure.Then shoot it in 1080p HD. Watch a webcast or a movie. Read a book or a magazine.

Check email. Send messages. Or stay in touch face to face over FaceTime.

You’ll be amazed at how much is built in. The App Store is home to over 300,000 iPad apps and counting. You can make a spreadsheet for work, make a Hollywood-style trailer for fun, plan a lesson, plan a trip or simply plan a meal — all on a device you can hold in one hand.

Powerful A5 chip. It features the powerful and power-efficient A5 chip, which makes everything you do feel smooth and natural. From the little things like switching from app to app and swiping from page to page, to the big things like editing photos, watching movies and playing games. 10-hour battery life. iPad mini have an incredible battery life. Even with so much performance packed into such a small space, it still lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. 5 So you can read, watch, play, write and create whatever you want, as long as you want.

CameraIpad mini features a front facing camera and also a rear camera. With FaceTime built into iPad mini, you can make a video call over Wi-Fi or cellular. You can also use the front-facing camera for taking self-portraits or recording 720p HD video. the iSight camera on iPad mini lets you capture all these unpredictable, beautiful, spectacular moments. In 1080p HD, no less. * Ultrafast wireless and also cellular network supported.* With dual-band (2.

4GHz and 5GHz) 802. 11n Wi-Fi and support for channel bonding, download speeds can reach up to 150 Mbps. if you want to connect to the Internet even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, * Ultrafast cellular network connections around the world — including advanced wireless networks such as HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. The price for ipad mini a is RM999 make it so affordable compare to the others.

Such as samsung galaxy tab, google nexus 7 , acer iconia tab and so on. Now , you may ask where I can purchase this remarkable devices, the answer is you can purchase it from any online apple store and also any apple authorized reseller which near to you.In malaysia, we have around 50 authorized reseller in every state and also some university and college. Conclusion By creating ipad , apple put the whole package into a smaller package. * Which include A beautiful display, powerful A5 chip, FaceTime HD camera, iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, ultrafast wireless and over 300,000 apps ready to download from the App Store * So what are you waiting for, go and get one now , you will never regret.


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