Irp Lost and Found Essay

In the story Lost and Found by Anne Scarf, There were many minor conflicts, but two major conflicts. The decisions the girls made to resolve the major conflicts lead to retaliation. One major conflict in the story was that Jamie, a 14 year old middle- school student, was dating a boy named Bobby Wallace, a high-school student, who wasn’t a boy anyone would recommend talking to. Game’s older sister, Dairy (who was also a high school student) tried to convince her younger sister that she wouldn’t be socializing with him.The second major problem was the girl’s father left them for 5 years, and now decides he wants to be a part of their lives.

In the story, the youngest sister ran away because she was overwhelmed. They had no clue where she was, that’s pretty much why I chose to make a missing persons t-shirt. When someone is missing, wearing t-shirts is a way good way to inform others that someone is missing.

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I added the books descriptions to describe Jamie and tried to raw a picture of how Jamie might look.In the story her father thought to look under a tree, which was where they found her. It was the last place she was happy. In all actuality, people don’t think to look under a tree to find you, so I think the t-shirt idea would be useful. People evaluate your clothes every day and in real life, people wear t-shirt when someone is missing, or when someone dies. It catches other people attention and encourages them to help look.


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