Is Dependence Computer a Bad Thing Essay

Many people are using computers in the world. Whether they are students, teachers or adults at work, we all use it. Lots of people think that it has made their lives much easier and it has entertained them greatly. Furthermore, they have made companies much more efficient too. However, computers cause problems too. The over usage of computers are bad so they aren’t all that perfect.

Greatly relying on the computer, smart phone, on any electronic device that helps us communicate with each other is never a good thing, including the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter or emails to keep in touch with each other.Researches and studies have shown that more than 45% of young Singaporeans check their social networking accounts during classes. This show how much people are communicating using computers. There are lots of negative impacts when using social networks. Firstly, students who might use social networks might be affected academically and their results might be very bad.

Most importantly, this factor concerns our elders. Our elders(grandparents or older) might not know very well how to use social networks. Thus, we might not be able to communicate with them.Our elders might just want to have a good meal with us and sometimes, we might be just be too busy checking our social networking accounts and forget all about the meal. Other than these socialising problems, computers affect our health greatly. They can cause blindness and genetic mutations.

“When electrons strike the screen, they give out X-ray, which will gradually damage the cells in our eyes. The next time, even if we want to see just the environment, we will not be able to. The reason? We are blind already! Furthermore, computers give out microwaves, which lead to genetic mutations and 99% of the mutations are bad.

Scientists say so. Baroness Greenfield, an Oxford University neuroscientist thinks that when children interact online, it could “rewire” the brain by rebooting the brain’s working patterns. These children’s attention can only be get by flashing lights and buzzing noises and they have a short attention span.

Apart from all these, there is something even worse. It is the hacking of computers and sending of viruses. You might think that hacking a computer is only a minor problem as it is only to install cheats or stuff that help in gaming. However, it is much more serious than you expect. We all know that computers have large storage spaces.However, sometimes, you have very important work stored in your hard drive and sometimes, people might send you viruses and all the information might be wiped out from your hard drive. This is something very serious if the information wiped out concerns the whole country.

With all the technology advancements, terrorists might hack into military installations and set off a missile or a warhead. This will cause our lives to be at risk, something even worse than health. Relying too much on computers can damage our health and let us have risk of dying. Addiction is a problem when using computers. People, might be too engaged in online o


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