Is love dead? Essay

“What is love,” is an incredibly difficult question to mankind because the true meaning of love has been so stained in our period. What is love to me? Love is a powerful emotion relating to affection that is far beyond words. Love is an act. Love is ubiquitous, as is it seen in religion, music, films, poetry, literature, paintings, etc, and without it, there will be no civilization. Therefore, love isn’t dead. It’s out there; you just have to find it.

Love will never die anymore than hate, sorrow, bliss, anger, empathy, or any of the emotions that make up the human condition. In the history of our world, we have witnessed hatred, betrayal, killings, domestic violence, terrorism, and more. These dilemmas of life will always be present to mankind no matter what. However, love is not accountable for this. It is our humanity that has tarnished the meaning of love and has accepted such vile acts. Love is not dead; it’s just overrated among some.

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This is because it’s assumed that love gets in the way of life, but love is life and makes life much more…complete.I’ve never been IN love, but I cherish love greatly. I have loved ones such as my family and friends that make my life much more blissful, which doesn’t mean that I don’t want to fall in love some day. Everything in this world takes time and effort, but as we know, our time is limited. Some individuals give up on love because they haven’t found it yet, making them believe that “love is dead.” Yet, it isn’t.Many people think that love is insignificant. This is because they watch many bogus films about sorrowful love stories, and listen to many songs about how much love sucks.

I admit, I participate in these things, but it doesn’t shape my opinion of love. The majority of people see the issue of love mainly because of the feeling of not being loved, rather than “loving” itself.Love is an art, and without it, we will live in a world of hate, of black and white. There would be no inspiration, no compassion, no beauty, no expression, and no civilization.

Love is part of the fundamentals of life, it helps shape our world. How can we live in a world without love? We simply cannot. Love is present, but at times, in hiding. Love would not always find you, it is your duty to find “love.” Love IS not dead.


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