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IBAT College Dublin Assignment : IS Management 2 CORP Roberto Carlos Da Silva Dublin 01 /03 /2013 to 02/05/2013 Gratitude I thank God, for you are with me always in difficulties and joys of my life, and for special people on my way. I thank to my parents for my education, for making me believe, that it is possible to overcome. I thank to my Mentor Mark Dean of Ibat College, that conveys your knowledge with great gratitude, thank you very much. “In the great battles of life, the first step to victory is the desire to win! ” (Mahtama Gandhi) Table of Contents Introduction4 Background of IBATCorp4 Business of IBATCorp4Analysis of IBATCorp problem4 Proposed Solution5 Conclusion14 Bibliography15 Introduction In the competitive world we live in, have effective planning in companies is increasingly important, since an inefficient planning can undermine an entire corporation, maximizing the costs already budgeted and causing delays in the delivery of the final product to the customer, which contributes negatively to the company’s image. Background of IBATCorp IBATCorp is an Irish based company which has founded in 1975, its corporate headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland, and employs more than 1300 staff across 5 different countries. Business of IBATCorpIBATCorp`S business is in the printing ;amp; packaging industry and is the approved supplier to some of the biggest international companies in the fast food industry.

Analysis of IBATCorp problem * Inability to Access and share Information * Inefficient Communication between regional sales Managers and sales , as well as between regional offices and processing plants. * Inefficient Ordering Process * The order process is slow and inefficient * Long cycle time, lead time * Inability to assess Performance of Sales Force and Products * Lack of important decision-related reports for managers * Website is not Useful for Clients of CompanyProposed Solution * Enterprise Software (ERP) * Customer relationship management (CRM) * Mobile Cloud Technologies * New e-Business model 1) Problem: Until June 2006, the company had never an IT department and relied on separate PC`s using MS Office to facilitate a lot of the work duties of staff. * The problem are in “ the lack of an IT department “. Information technology covers a range of products hardware and software able to collect, store, process and access numbers and images, which are used to control equipment and processes work and connect people, functions and offices within companies and among them (WALTON, 1993).Information technology is considered relevant to organizations because: innovation provides many products and services made ?? possible the emergence of considerable capacity within organizations such as: online delivery of information, electronic access to services; ability to seek and obtain specific services; payment and electronic submission of accounts and ability to use multiple software, without having to feedback data (ALBERTIN, 2000). Before the beneficial of this technology, companies that do not implement this service, not remained for long in the market because it requires competitiveness.

Solution – I recommend implement a system Sap ERP / IT in the company. Through this technology the company will acquire connectivity capability, productivity, and profitability and also increase its competitive potential that IT innovation allows. Through the SAP ERP, the company goes solve the problem of lack of competitiveness that was missing, and going to be more competitive in the market in its follow-up. Figure 1 -System SAP ERP / IT 2) Problem : The company currently has a single mainframe computer at corporate headquarters which maintains most of the major business databases. The problem are in the “ shortage of mainframe to help care of major business databases”. Mainframe is an important computer within a company. Mainframe is a computer with great power, dedicated to the processing of a gigantic volume of information. The mainframes are capable to offer processing services to thousands of users through terminals connected directly or through a net.

Solution: I recommend Cloud Computing. Because Cloud Computing provide : * SecurityBy being in a DATA CENTER, the database of the company will be in a secure environment, protected from theft, fire, flood etc. As also will be able to access the company information from anywhere securely. * Reduce workloads Large part of workload, of the current mainframe, can be migrated to private clouds, resulting in the consolidation Mainframe much needed to reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses. Figure 2 – Source Cloud Computing website 3) Problem : Each salesperson can access the corporate mainframe from a single terminal in each regional office.Reports for individual salespeople ( printouts of orders ,rejection notices, customer account inquiries, etc ) for each region can only be viewed or printed from these terminals.

* The problem are in “ the limitation of mainframe available to be used in each region “. Solucion: I recommend Salesforce CRM in the cloud. Through of this technology the IbatCorp will offer IT resources, hardware and software as a service provided by the Internet, such as : By implementing the Salesforce CRM software model as a service, all vendors will have access to reports, starting from any computer.

Through the Salesforce CRM reporting module will allows information to be exported containing Customers by: * Product Category * Customer Discounts Purchases * Orders by Period * Printing of orders, with options to print one or two copies. With CRM in the cloud, the company excludes the need to send the sellers for the regional offices. Reducing the dependence of these offices, facilitating the visualization and printing of reports, starting from any computer with internet access.. Figure 3 – Sales Force CRM Benefits Salesforce CRM : Fast and reliable access to information * Agility and Focus on sales activity, avoiding unnecessary loss of time with table updates, coupons requests, etc.

. * Authentication Data guaranteed. * Low maintenance cost * Time to transmit / receive data around 2 minutes Benefits for Company: * Agility, speed and confidence in communication between seller and customer * Higher quality service to customers * The company is seen as a company that invests in continuous improvement in its customer service. ) Problem : Website is not Useful for Clients of CompanyAccording to Combe (2006 ) the e-business or electronic business can be defined as the use of the Internet to connect organizations and enhance the business processes of the same. Covering the organization itself, employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders . Solution : I recommend implement a New e-Business ModelThe solution is to build a website that offers targeted, high quality content, for users that come back more often.Because I think these days, customers want to be able to save time or save money when shopping online.

Ex: E-Business Model to implement in IbatCorpFigure 4 – Business on lineWith new E-Business Model the company will have the opportunity to reach potential customers worldwide rather than being limited, such as the possibility to track customer behavior in a consistent and convenient platform ,with logs recorded sites and tools online tracking . ) Problem: Currently the existing order processing system requires sales representatives to write up tickets to place orders through the e-mail or by fax. Solution : I recommend the cloud-based digital fax solution ( EFax Sap ) With EFax Sap, each sales representative can access, send faxes and files via any PC, laptop or wireless device. EFax Sap offers security, speed, flexibility and accessibility of cloud-based fax with the convenience of sending faxes directly from their SAP applications. Through the EFax Sap, will not be necessary write tickets manually.Figure 5 – EFax Sap 6) Problem : IBATCorp is considering a number of new information system, first of all, the firm would like to solve the current order entry crisis and are looking to a new order processing system. * The problem are in “ order entry crisis “.

The order process is slow and inefficient. Solution: For this solution is feasible the implementation of integrated systems (enterprise resource planning – ERP) in conjunction with a system of supply chain management, and the management system of the customer relationship.The term “Supply Chain” is intended to designate as a whole the structure properly designed to meet the demands of a specific market (Slack, 2002). Figure 6 – Information Integration ERP SystemThe integrated systems will help process orders faster and help the company to respond quickly to customer requests for information or products. As the system integrates data applications, production and delivery, the area of production can produce only what customers have asked, buy the exact amount of components or raw materials to fill orders, plan production and minimize the time that the components or finished products remain in stock.The integrated systems will help process orders faster and help the company to respond quickly to customer requests for information or products. As the system integrates data applications, production and delivery, the area of production can produce only what customers have asked, buy the exact amount of components or raw materials to fill orders, plan production and minimize the time that the components or finished products remain in stock.The ERP system, will help the company : * Eliminate the use of manual interfaces * Reduce the limits of time-to-market * Reduce the process time management * Reduction of inventory * Increase the quality of services 7) Problem : As sales swelled, IBATCorp saw increased delays in the processing of its orders including shipping the right goods to right places on time.

Competitors offering faster delivery from local production centres are challenging IBATCorp current contract`s with the larger fast food chains. The problem are in logistic “ the processing orders “”Logistics is the art of buying, receiving, storing, sorting, shipping, transport and deliver the right product / service at the right time, in the right place, at the lowest possible cost”. The Order Processing is of utmost importance to the logistics process in any company. IbatCorp challenge is to reduce the “order cycle” which is the total time between a customer placing an order and the same be delivered .According to Ballou (2001) logistics involves all operations related to production planning and control, materials handling, packaging, storage and shipment, physical distribution, transportation and communication systems that performed synchronously, can make companies add value to the services offered to customers and also providing opportunities for a competitive edge over competitors. Solution : I recommend “supply chain management” in the company. Because the supply chain will help the company manage applications in a synchronized manner, with more agility and quality in the delivery of products to the final customer.Delivering the product in the right place at the right time.

Increasing the company’s competitive advantage over competitors. Ashcroft (2001) specifying three important points in the implementation of the supply chain in any organization or even across multiple companies: Database, Planning and timing, and management reports. Figure 7- Flow information Supply ChainBenefits Supply Chain for the company : * Increase competitiveness * Faster processing of orders.

* Better management of urgent requests. * Reduction of manual labour. * Reduced cost per sales order. Automatic notifications to the client during the main stages of processing. * More satisfied customers.

8) Problem : The firms need sales and marketing information in order to do product planning, make pricing decisions, devise advertising and other promotional campaigns, and forecast market potential for new and existing products. * The problem are in the lack of information to do product planning. Solution: I recommend CRM (Customer Relationship Management. Through an important tool (Direct Marketing), the company had increased the relationship with the customer, so increase sales per customer.Examples of direct marketing: * Direct Mail Marketing: Email, Letters. * Catalog marketing : Catalog online * Telemarketing: the phone as a tool for direct sales * Direct Marketing online. Through marketing, the company had increased sales.

After these steps, you will be able launch the product planning, as to analyse, market sources (products sold by the company itself, by competitors) and how it differs from the competition, whether by the quality, the price, or other factors.Benefits CRM for the company : * Market research * Identification of potential customers * Acquire new customers * Customer loyalty * Disclosure of your product to the target audience defined * Monetization Sales Force 9) Problem : Sales managers need information to plan and monitor the performance of the sales force. Management also needs information on the performance of specific products, products lines, or brands. * The problem are in the lack of information for planning and monitoring the performance of sales.

Solution : I recommend SAP CRM in the company. SAP CRM helps the sales manager to predict, examine and provide actions to the difficulties that face. SAP CRM enables the sales force to effectively plan, execute and analyse sales activities with access to any place or time critical information to consumers, transactions and sales processes. Releasing its sales force inefficient tasks, while providing an analytical view of the sales cycle, SAP CRM enables companies to increase sales revenue while maintaining or reducing costs. Benefits SAPCRM for the company: * Planning and sales forecasting : Make precise forecasts, budgets and manage opportunities and allocate resources efficiently.

* Sales analysis : Monitoring and real-time response. Conclusion In this case study, we understand the resolution of internal problems in the company is a key factor for the organization survive in the market. Also understand to organizations remain in a competitive market, companies must increasingly be equipped with new technologies, new processes, new ways of seeing their own business, as example of the solutions presented in this study.Conclude that the organization needs to have resources and ability to provide competitive advantage to customers in a consistent and constant. Through the solution CRM, ERP ,Cloud Computing, Supply Chain, etc.. The IbatCorp organization will obtain more value from the point of view of customers, differentiating themselves from the competition and therefore taking advantage in the market. | | | Bibliography Ballou, Ronald H.

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